Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st April 2023, Written Update on

After Diya gives respect to Surilii and makes her wear a crown, the man comes and gives her a gift. Sasha jokes. Governor comes to the event. He gives a speech. He calls Surilii Rani Sahiba. He says you have Raj Yoga in your hands. He asks her to clear the payment.

As a result of his request, Rani Maa gives a speech to everyone. She says that children always need guidance from their parents and that Shivendra is fulfilling his responsibilities well. In the party, Surilii and Diya are dancing. Shivendra says Rani Maa has encouraged and supported him to do something for Ranak and my sisters.

Sasha attends a call and scolds a lady. Surilii asks who is calling. Sasha says the wrong number. Monty arrives. Governor is called on stage by Rani Maa to honour Shivendra for this initiative. She hugs Swati. Sam asks Hari and Madhu to come on stage with her. If I make Swati a part of this, Hari and Madhu won’t have any problems, said Rani Maa. Swati pays the honour to Shivendra and says I am proud of my friend, who runs a big business in the city but is connected to Ranak. Then Sam thanks them and asks that they eat. Shivendra leaves. Monty performs a drama. Then he says you didn’t call me and you kept my daughter’s party. He demands the money.

She says I don’t have money. She scolds him. A girl watches and asks Diya why Monty and Surilii are fighting, go there and see for yourself. Shivendra goes to Rani Maa and asks Veera why she went to Mumbai, is she trying to control me? She says I’m trying to protect you, the city has hypnotized me, the café girl wants a prince, but the ordinary and special people’s story is merely in books, so I’m trying to break your dream to awaken you.

He says she is married, she is happy with her child, she is not interested in me, I have to leave. She asks where this event is for you. He asks for me, Veera is already working on my matter. He leaves for Mumbai. Diya stops Sasha. Inspector comes there. Surilii recalls calling the police. Monty is taken by the inspector after he slaps him.

Surilii is threatened by Monty. Diya asks why you are fighting. Surilii replies that she cannot fight. Veera watches. Shivendra says I have to leave for work. He leaves. Ambi Tai asks if everything is okay, and Shivendra has left. Rani Maa says he left with my permission, and I will meet with the villagers. Hari stares at him. Veera comes to meet her. He says he is from Ranakgarh, do you know Shiv? She says yes. He says you were busy today, I have waited for a long time to meet you. He offers her money.

Veera tells Shivendra that this money will solve all your problems, it’s yours, and you don’t even know Shivendra anymore.


Shivendra says I have come to the city because of Rani Maa, I will clear up Surilii’s misunderstanding.

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