Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th April 2023, Written Update on

As the episode opens, Surilii gives Veera a glass of water after stopping him. You could have asked me if I had loans, and I would have told you that I love to chat, so I’ll go get coffee, sit, I’ll come, it’s my niece’s birthday today, so have the cake. No, he says.

Bandish calls Shivendra. He says he will talk to them when he wants. Shivendra says he knows you were threatening me, but you are just a messenger, do you give money to every girl he meets? Shivendra is on his way. Bandish calls him. Shivendra says he will speak to them whenever he wants.

Surilii denies that she and Veera have no self-respect and clarifies that it’s not Ranakpur. Veera corrects her and says it’s Ranakgarh. Surilii then admits that nobody is familiar with Shiv, adding that she herself has no interest in royals or their rules. She further claims their behaviour to be cheap, disrespectful, and beneath her pride; commenting that nobody has the right to make a mockery of her suffering. Moving on, she states that her parents taught her to combat obstacles, deeming both Shivendra and Shive themselves to be issues for her. Subsequently, she requests them to leave taking the money with them. In the meanwhile, Rani Maa articulates a response to the press concerning Shiv.

Swati goes to her car and Raghu helps her because Madhu taunts Rani Maa about her husband. He asks if she is okay, if she is upset with Shiv, he upsets even her mother, so he apologizes from his end. As she says, she knows he has a reason to leave, but I have a headache, so I am leaving for home. Maasi attends a call and says Surilii is not at home.

Swati tells her friend about Shiv. Madhu arrives. She says I got your favorite peri peri fries, so I’m waiting to talk to you like the old times. Swati says you don’t listen to me. Madhu says it’s strange, I’m fighting with you for your happiness, sorry. You must not apologize, Swati says. I can’t believe you blindly, I can’t break my dream, I went to Oxford because of Shiv.

You are educated, Madhu says, and your future is bright. Swati says you have raised me like a princess, I dream of going to a palace, I’ve groomed myself to become Shiv’s wife, Rani Maa wants me to be her bahu, Shivendra is handsome, he will value me, don’t break my dream, he will love me.

The loan recovery company will respect your word if you don’t cross your limits, Veera tells Sasha. She asks who he is. Maasi asks who lied to the loan recovery company. They will not wait any longer, they will seal the café. They called, but someone said it was the wrong number. Surilii sees Sasha. She says I’m not a fraud. Maasi scolds her. Sasha is unlucky, and she tells Surilii.

I promise, I will fix everything, calm down. Sasha says sorry, I didn’t know this would happen. Surilii says it’s okay. She leaves. Shivendra comes to the café. Sasha calls her and asks if she can receive the pictures of the documents. Shivendra hears her. When she sees Shivendra, Sasha asks if she has any work to do.

Surilii says she isn’t here. He asks if there is any financial issue. She asks why do you care. He says sorry, I heard your talk. She says I don’t think you will help Surilii and impress her.

Sasha says Surilii isn’t your type, our lives are complicated, she doesn’t want to talk to you today, we have to save the café, it’s useless to talk to her. Shivendra says I know her, and it’s important for me to speak with her.


Shivendra gives his message to Veera. Rani Maa says sometimes I have to upset children and make tough decisions.

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