Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th March 2023, Written Update on

Vinayak and Savi play the thief and police game. Sai sees Vinayak and recalls how he saved her. Vinayak stops Savi and goes to fill the water in Pichkari. Ajay follows Vinayak and introduces himself as a DJ. Ajay tries to kidnap Vinayak but leaves seeing Sai coming out of the outhouse. Vinayak tells him he can get it from the outhouse, so he takes him there to show him.

When Sai meets Vinayak, he asks him to eat Puran poli, since he had told Savi that he was hungry. Vinayak doesn’t eat it. Sai wishes him a happy Holi and tries to apply colour to him. Vinayak replies Happy Holi and leaves before she can apply colour. Sai feels sad. Bhavani notices Sai’s sadness. Sonali tells Bhavani that the media people have come to meet her.

Sai’s side is brought to the Media by Bhavani after years. Media people ask Bhavani why they arranged Holi after so long. Bhavani says it is a festival celebration. She asks Sai to answer. Media asks Sai who is Sai. Bhavani reveals that Sai is the ex-wife of Virat and stays with him. She encourages the Media to enjoy the party. Sai asks Bhavani not to be involved in her conspiracy.

Bhavani tells Sonali that she can’t comprehend her. Bhavani says she won’t stop trying to bring Sai back to Virat’s life. Pakhi hears this. Bhavani sees Sai and asks her to arrange drinks for the party and leaves. Pakhi is angry at Bhavani and plans to humiliate Bhavani and Sai.

Later, Dj Kolte arranges a dance competition between Kids. Vinayak wins the competition and receives a speaker as a prize. Ajay recalls how he arranged a bomb in the speaker. Mohit spikes Tandai and tells Karishma that it is Bhang and serves everyone. Sai drinks it. Savi drinks Sai first.

Sai places it on the table and joins Savi. Pakhi changes her glass with Bangh. Sai returns and drinks it. Ajay Kamble applies Ash to Sai’s face and leaves before she sees him. Virat arrives. Sai is handcuffed by Virat and told she is under arrest for not applying holi to her husband.

Virat says come as we are a couple and parents so come with him. Sai asks if he’s inebriated, but he didn’t listen and took Sai with him. Everyone stared at him in shock. Ashwini explained what happened.

During the show, it was shown that Virat had drunk Bhang thinking it was Tandai. Pakhi was shocked when she saw Virat and Sai. She thought Sai had drunk the Bhang, but Virat drank it and did the tamasha. Sai asked Virat to leave her, but Virat said he wouldn’t leave her since they are related by 7 births.

Virat smears red colour on Sai’s face. Ashwini and Pakhi don’t like it. He takes Sai into the house. Sonali says Virat applied colour like he filled the mang, and now he does grihpravesh with Sai. Pakhi feels bad.

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