Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Surili fainting. Shiv holds her. Ranimaa says that she doesn’t want to lose another heir. Shiv rushes Surili to the hospital. Doctors say that high blood pressure during pregnancy isn’t a good sign. She is elder bahu, she is strong, don’t worry, how is my heir, tell me, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the baby. The baby is fine, don’t worry, you can take her home after some time.

It is good news that the heir is safe, says Ranimaa. Shiv admits there is evidence against Surili, but the truth will come out and Surili will be found innocent. She says I know what’s the truth, I’ll explain Raghav, Swati’s wound will heal, I just want the family to get ahead, if anything happens to my heir, I won’t forgive anyone, tell Surili she gave me the heir, I’m ready to forgive her. Surili hears everything. Ranimaa leaves. Surili hears all.

Shiv receives a call from his office while Surili prompts him to answer. Despite her insistence, Shiv declines the call, stating that his wife needs him more at the moment. However, Surili persists that he should attend the meeting as it is crucial. Eventually, Shiv leaves for the meeting and Surili turns to the doctor for an update on Swati’s checkup. The doctor assures her that it is not a pressing issue and she can go home with her husband. He explains that Swati’s vomiting was due to indigestion and a pregnancy can be determined based on the heartbeat. The doctor advises Surili to take vitamins and reassures her that he will visit their palace for a follow-up appointment.

Shiv calls Surili. She says Swati wasn’t pregnant, it was a drama. He doesn’t hear what she says. The lady says Clients are waiting. Shiv says I have to go to the meeting, so I’ll pick you up. Surili says it’s okay, I’ll let you know when you get home. Swati listens to music and dances. She says she’s happy, she trapped Surili. Surili comes. Swati shouts on her. She begins acting ill. She says I wanted to hear music and dance to distract myself from stress.

I ask you to get out. Surili says I promise I’ll learn manners next time, what do you do now, your secret isn’t a secret anymore, I know the truth, you weren’t pregnant, why did you do this? Switi asks what nonsense, what proof have you got. Surili calls the doctor and asks him about Swati’s pregnancy, is she sure she wasn’t pregnant? He says 100% sure. She thanks him. She asks Swati why you did this. Swati sat crying.

Roshni and Mohit are together, as he creates a drawing. He expresses his admiration for Surili, who looks after him with the same love that Shiv does. Swati also shares her aspirations, revealing her childhood dream of becoming a queen. Despite not loving Shiv, she was betrothed to him by her family, solely for the status and honor it would bring her. However, her fate took an unexpected turn when you appeared and became the queen instead. Helpless, she ended up marrying Raghav after Ranimaa promised to give her the queendom. Ranimaa was convinced by your kindness and impressed by your pregnancy, leaving Swati with only one option to secure victory.

Suprili says I have always regarded you as my sister, so I understand your pain and bitterness, nothing is more important than truth and goodness, I didn’t know royal protocols, when I married Shiv and came here, I didn’t race to get the throne, I did everything by my heart, with love, and I advise you to do the same, you’ll get love and respect. If she asks you are you proud of yourself now, no, right. What’s the point? She explains.

The precap:

Maan is okay. He hugs Shiv. Ranimaa asks who killed Veera. Maan points at Swati.


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