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Seerat is busy in the kitchen, preparing delicious chole bhature. Manveer inquires about her task and Seerat explains that she is making it for Angad as he hasn’t eaten anything all day. She expresses her gratitude towards Angad for always being there for her as a friend and feels responsible to take care of him. Manveer praises Seerat for all the efforts she puts in for the family and suggests that she teaches her how to make Angad’s favorite dish. He also expresses his disappointment towards Sahiba’s actions and believes that she should have left quietly instead of causing a scene at the party and storming off.

It is her intention to get Angad out of depression and keep him away from Sahiba, so she apologizes for badmouthing her sister. She says she doesn’t support wrong, even if it’s her sister; Sahiba did really wrong with Angad. If she wipes Sahiba’s memories from Angad’s heart, Manveer will be grateful to her. After calling him mummy ji, Seerat apologizes and calls him mamiji, and says she will follow her orders.

It is a strange man named Rumi who goes to college in search of admission to a photography course to be around Sahiba. The receptionist becomes annoyed when the computer doesn’t work and rudely informs him that all the seats are full. In place of fixing the computer, Rumi checks Sahiba’s profile and wonders why she is called Monga when she is Angad Singh Brar’s wife, and he will send her a special gift today.

He answers yes to the receptionist’s question. Receptionist says he looks talented, but all of the seats have been filled in all courses. A boy named Karthik walks up to him. He says he is the last student to get admission to photography and asks him to attend orientation tomorrow afternoon. Rumi congratulates Karthik.

At Veer’s home office, Angad signs a file. Keerat calls him, and Angad asks him to pick up the call. Veer says it’s Keerat’s call, and she’s calling him because Angad will not pick her up. Sahiba’s parents want to know why she left him. Angad asks Veer if Sahiba did not tell him why she left him. Veer replies no. The maid brings Sahiba a bouquet and says someone sent it to her.

When Angad tries to pick up a note in the bouquet, a thorn picks his finger. Seerat says Sahiba won’t leave him alone and continues to badmouth him. In her opinion, Angad didn’t hear well, and Sahiba didn’t send the bouquet to him instead of someone else.

Sahiba stands as a model as Rumi walks around the college. Sahiba is modeling for a theme called lady in a pink sari. Each day, they will work on a different theme, with each student modeling. Sahiba’s classmate forgets her brush. She is asked to go get her hostel keys from her room by Sahiba.

Rumi realizes Sahiba stays in a hostel and wonders who received that bouquet. Mirza wrote a message in the bouquet that it was for Sahiba. She says she doesn’t know if Sahiba already had a boyfriend or had a new one, as she is unpredictable and hurts others. Angad says he will meet Sahiba and question who this Mirza is. Seerat gets tensed and thinks he shouldn’t meet Sahiba.

Karthik captures images of artworks while Rumi introduces himself. He informs Karthik that all spots for the photography course have been taken, so he suggests finding another institution and giving up his spot for Rumi. However, Karthik explains that obtaining this position required a lot of effort due to financial constraints. Rumi confesses that he desires to be near a lady in a pink sari and hopes to secure the seat. Karthik denies his request and warns him of informing the principal. In response, Rumi strikes Karthik with a vase causing him to collapse. He apologizes, stating that if he hadn’t taken this action, he would not have had the chance to meet Sahiba.

Angad reaches college and realizes he forgot his phone at home. Rumi ties Karthik to a chair. Karthik asks why he is doing this. Rumi says he asked him politely, but he didn’t listen. Now he has Karthik’s ID card and says he’ll be able to be closer to Sahiba, smell her, touch her, this Mirza will knock on Sahiba’s heart until it opens. His mother needs to be informed of this good news.

The classmate asks Sahiba if she wants to accompany her to a mess. Sahiba says she is not hungry. The classmate says her husband will have a heart attack if he sees her in this red dress. Sahiba says he won’t.


Sahiba is told that Angad doesn’t know what is going on, why a man called him Mirza and sent her flowers, she shouldn’t take such boys lightly and isn’t safe here. He acts like a gentleman, but he is filled with dirt in his mind. Angad holds her and says she broke his heart and trust. Rumi watches from a distance and says he won’t spare Angad. The family becomes tense when Angad doesn’t return home until late at night.

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