Agnisakshi 29th March 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 29th March 2023 Written Episode Update on

It begins with Jeevika telling Satvik that if he had put her stuff in the bedroom and bathroom, then nothing would have happened. She laughs and says she will remove the stuff from there. Satvik says he will keep it. Jeevika says the coffee is getting cold. Satvik asks her to drink. Jeevika gives tea to Shlok and Aadhya. Juhi asks Aadhya where Di is? Shlok says Di went to the office.

Jeevika brings Juhi tea. Juhi sips and spits and says, “I take less sugar, don’t you know?” Jeevika offers her tea. She makes tea for her. Shlok and Aadhya ask Juhi to make it herself. Juhi says, “After eating food, my expectations were high.” Shlok scolds Juhi and asks her to leave. Jeevika hugs Pradeep. Pradeep and Jhanvi arrive. Jeevika hugs Pradeep.

Moreover, Rao tells you that Surat’s Vohras want to be associated with you, which is beneficial to you too, because you will receive crores. He says if Satvik Sir finds out about this, neither I nor this deal will be here. She says Satvik and Vohra are different in their principles. When Rajnandini receives a call, she tells someone she has arranged the money, and she says to send the poison along with the medicine. She says no one is going to know about it. Otherwise, she says I won’t be able to accomplish my plan.

He says he will meet Pradeep dada. Jeevika coughs in room. Satvik says good improvement. Jeevika says Pradeep dada has arrived. Satvik asks her to sit and says he will meet him. In response, he applies cream to her face and asks if it is now settled? Jeevika says the account is opened, now it’s your turn. She runs behind him to apply the cream. Jhanvi says even I am interested in playing this game. Jeevika laughs. Satvik smiles.

Narayan receives Pradeep’s medical record and asks him to sit down. Narayan says he is coming to check company accounts, and says he will either check them or get them checked by a trusted accountant. If you don’t feel bad, Pradeep suggests Jeevika for checking the accounts. He says she is good at handling accounts of the house, and they are the same.

Shlok and Aadhya get happy when they hear Jhanvi talking to Jeevika. Jhanvi says she wants to be fit like them and wants to run like they were running behind each other. Satvik and Jeevika pose for photos, while Jhanvi snaps them. Pradeep calls Jeevika, while Rajnandini calls Satvik. Satvik says yes to Jhanvi’s request to come with him.

Jeevika checks the accounts and says there is a big problem in the accounts, since someone has written the entries incorrectly or has not shown them. Narayan is upset about the fraud in the company, and Rajnandini comes to Satvik’s room with him and Jhanvi. Jeevika says Rajnandini will catch the culprit. Narayan asks her to call her, but stops her, telling her that he will find out about the fraud himself, as Rajnandini has too many duties.

Jhanvi sees Satvik and Supriya’s photo in the magazine and asks Rajnandini why Vohras are interested in this deal. Rajnandini tells him to focus on his marriage. She says that they have worked with Vohras before.

They get emotional when Jeevika tells Pradeep she is making his food the way he likes it. Aadhya asks Jhanvi to come play with her. Jhanvi says she wants to read it. Aadhya keeps it in her bag. Satvik asks Rajnandini to say it. Rajnandini thinks she should keep Satvik away, otherwise her dream of ruining Bhosles will be shattered.

Juhi comes to the kitchen and takes something. She tells Jeevika that Satvik likes Brinjal dishes. Pradeep says Jeevika makes yummy brinjal dishes. Narayan gives Jeevika’s medical file to Satvik. Satvik tells him Vohra’s file was missing. Jhanvi arrives and asks Narayan not to tell anyone she is here. Aadhya asks about Jhanvi. Narayan hugs Jhanvi. He asks Satvik when he will get grand children.

Rajnandini tells Juhi that she told Jeevika that Satvik likes Bhara Baingan. Rajnandini appreciates her plan. Juhi says Jeevika will serve the brinjal dish, but Satvik will throw it. She tells him the heroine Rajnandini will wipe her tears, but scratch her wounds. She adds that sometimes twists come up in a story.

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