Agnisakshi 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 3rd April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jeevika tucking Jhanvi, Aadhya and Shlok into bed. She then joins Satvik and they sit together. Satvik reflects on his inability to speak up in front of her. Gratefully, Jeevika acknowledges Satvik’s help during the incident, expressing her worry about Jhanvi being trapped in the room and her fish potentially drowning. Satvik assures her that he will make sure such a situation does not occur again. Jeevika takes this opportunity to apologize for Shlok and Aadhya’s teasing, but Satvik interrupts by thanking her for something else entirely. He reveals that when she sang a lullaby for Jhanvi, it brought back memories of their mother singing the same one for him and Udkarsh when they were young. Sadly, Satvik adds that he has a tendency to lose those who are dear to him somehow.

Jeevika becomes emotional upon hearing them. The next morning, Aadhya and Shlok sit on the sofa, observing Jeevika and Satvik asleep. They eventually wake up. Jeevika mentions that they must have talked so much that they fell asleep. Satvik adds that their conversation revolved around the world cup, specifically football. Shlok confirms that it also happened to him. Aadhya brings up the dangerous criminal, suspecting he was hiding something. Jeevika assures her that they were just talking innocently. She then remembers to make tea for their father before their sister Jhanvi wakes up. Juhi appears at the door and silently acknowledges that Jeevika is getting closer to securing Rajnandini’s throne.

Manohar’s house is visited by Satvik, Jeevika and Jhanvi. Sukanya performs their aarti. Swara tells them to come and says it’s your wife’s house. Pallavi hopes he won’t drop Jeevika as well. They can’t wait until evening since guests will be here for dinner. Sukanya asks them to sit. When they learn about Satvik’s truth, they will scold us and him. Swara asks Pallavi to ignore her. Satvik says she is very wise.

Swara asks Jeevika if she has packed for their honeymoon. She tells her that she will be going to Switzerland. Sukanya comes there and gives Satvik shagun. Satvik touches them.

When Narayan calls Rao and asks him to meet him, Rao gets worried and calls Rajnandini, who does not pick up. Jeevika and Satvik are on the call. They are happy. Satvik says he likes her family, and he will miss them after divorce. I wish you don’t miss your fake husband because your real husband loves you so much.

Rao and Rajnandini stand before Narayan, who is relieved to find that Rao has not committed any fraudulent acts during his long tenure of work. Rao maintains his innocence, while Narayan expresses gratitude for the clear accounts which have revealed Rao’s lack of misconduct. Satvik and Jeevika arrive to witness the scene, prompting Rajnandini to inquire about the evidence. Narayan explains that he did not obtain it himself, but was advised by Pradeep to have Jeevika examine the accounts. He credits her for uncovering a significant fraud that neither he nor Choti Anu were able to detect. This news angers Rajnandini.

Pallavi searches for the photo and finds it missing. She becomes concerned.

According to Narayan, if Jeevika wasn’t present, he wouldn’t have been aware of the situation. Rajnandini expresses gratitude towards Jeevika. Swearing on his children, Rao promises not to repeat his actions again. However, Satvik dismisses him from his company. Rao pleads for another chance but Satvik assures him that he won’t involve the police. As Rajnandini attempts to speak up, Narayan interrupts and urges them to leave before changing their minds. In a fit of anger, Rajnandini throws a glass towards Jeevika, but Satvik quickly pulls her away to safety. This shocks Narayan who stands up from his seat. Rajnandini apologizes and explains that her outburst was directed towards Rao. Jeevika offers to clean up the mess but Satvik insists on taking her away to rest instead.

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