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Agnisakshi 13th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Sukanya asks Swara to take them to the room and promises to bring them fresh sheets and pillows. Manohar asks Pallavi to give Satvik the kurta that Kamlesh kaka gave him seven years ago. Pradeep turns on the geyser. Swara says she wanted them to be together on the bed and talk, and says if you want, you can do something else as well, and he says he wants to become Mausi.

Swara leads them to the room, where she introduces Jeevika as a devoted follower of Shri Krishna. She proudly shows Satvik the designs and machine created by Jeevika. Satvik inspects the designs while Sukanya interrupts with a phone call for Jeevika. As Satvik is busy, Jeevika turns to him and questions why he wishes to stay at their house. In the meantime, Jhanvi also asks him why he has been avoiding her, his best friend and Aatya (aunt). Satvik responds by saying “you” and Jeevika points out that he still has an opportunity to escape from this chaotic household. Just then, Sukanya joins them with a warning that Swara may have shared some false information about their family. Pradeep and Manohar soon enter the room; Pradeep hands over a kurta to Jeevika before leaving while Manohar inquires if Satvik faces any problems staying there. Satvik assures him that everything is fine. Sukanya then suggests they all go to the temple for today’s puja.

Pradeep arrives and asks Satvik to hand over his soiled clothes for washing. Satvik declines, saying he can take care of it himself. Just then, Jeevika appears. Pradeep accuses Satvik of betraying him, but Jeevika defends him by saying he did not betray her. However, Satvik retorts that betrayal is what she will find in their relationship. Meanwhile, Pallavi decides not to answer Rajnandini’s call and ignores it. Jhanvi intervenes and gives the phone to Pallavi, who quickly sends her away. On the other end of the line, Rajnandini inquires about Satvik and Jeevika’s departure, to which Pallavi responds with a negative answer and reveals that Satvik wishes to stay there. This infuriates Rajnandini, causing her to throw her phone in rage. Juhi then remarks that Satvik appears to have changed and questions whether he will return or not. She concludes by saying that Rajnandini’s “puppets” seem to be slipping away from her control.

“Satvik inquires about where to begin, being drawn in by the delectable food. Swara then suggests that Satvik and Jeevika feed each other. Following her lead, Sukanya requests their names to be mentioned before they eat. Pallavi prompts Jeevika to demonstrate what she has taught Satvik. Jeevika reveals that they are now together and Pallavi urges Satvik to echo her words. As they present the plate before him, Satvik expresses his surprise at the generous portion. Jeevika kindly suggests he shares with her, while Pallavi recommends they dine from a single dish. However, upon tasting the food, Satvik coughs uncontrollably and Pradeep makes a sarcastic remark before walking away. Jeevika follows him outside as Manohar wonders what happened between them. There, Jeevika assures Pradeep that Satvik did not deceive her, but he scoffs at the idea of him being as honest as she is and vows to prevent their marriage from taking place.”

Manohar asks Pallavi if Pradeep is aware of the news regarding Satvik and Supriya. Pallavi responds by explaining that Pradeep’s workload has increased, resulting in his stress levels. Manohar then inquires about speaking with Pradeep at the moment, to which Pallavi advises against as they are currently focusing on welcoming Satvik. Jeevika tells Pradeep that she will make Satvik feel emotional. She proudly declares herself as Jeevika Satvik Bhosle, emphasizing the significance of their union. Overhearing this conversation, Satvik is approached by Pradeep, who expresses his belief that even Satvik may feel unworthy of Jeevika’s love. However, Jeevika interjects and addresses Pradeep as “dada”, reminding him that she has accepted Satvik despite knowing the truth. She points out that on one hand there is her unconditional acceptance, while on the other hand there is Satvik’s hesitation to accept her.

Narayan says he misses Jeevika as Aadhya tells Rajnandini she forgot she was not at home. Shlok provides clothes and asks Aadhya to call Jeevika. Aadhya says she is not home. Shlok says I had brought her ice cream. Narayan says we will eat together. As their marriage is for only a few months, Satvik thanks Jeevika for defending their relationship. Jeevika says you will be the same for me even after the divorce, but you do not know this. She leaves.

The newlyweds ask Pandit ji to bless them in the temple. Pallavi asks Pandit ji to bless them with money, etc. Satvik fills Jeevika’s maang with this sacred sindoor and fulfills this rasam. Satvik takes the Sindoor and fills Jeevika’s maang. Supriya prays in the temple.


Jeevika is shocked when she sees Supriya. Satvik tells her, “I love you.”.

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