Shiv Shakti (Zee) 6th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti 6th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Shiv sits in the cell, memories of Shakti’s embrace flood his mind. She had been punished for getting too close to him, yet still hugged him to prevent him from attacking the goons. He couldn’t understand why she would risk her own safety to protect him. On the other hand, Shakti ponders why Shiv always puts himself in harm’s way to save her. Looking at the nearby mandir, she wonders what their relationship truly is. Determined to free Shiv from jail, she decides to head to the police station at all costs.

She asks him to eat something, I do so much for you, so do something for me. Chacha is angry with Manorama for locking up the girls. Manorama says we can’t be afraid of people and stop them from taunting us. Manorama says stop. Shiv saved Shakti so she should save him too. Chacha says Shiv saved Shakti, so she should go save him too. She goes to Shakti and Rimjhim’s room with Manorama and tells her, “I’m scared of God.” Shakti hugs and thanks her for her help.

Manorama informed Dharam would accompany them and urged them to rush to save Shiv. As Shakti opened the door, a surprise awaited her: Keertan and Koyal standing there, their presence shocking everyone. Rimjhim’s face lit up at the sight of Keertan, but his expression remained stern as he stared at Shakti. Curious, Koyal questioned Shakti’s destination, insinuating a scheme to ensnare a wealthy man. Manorama’s anger flared, vowing not to let them off easily. Addressing Koyal, she demanded to know her identity, to which Koyal asserted her high social status. She then implored Shakti to join her in rescuing Shiv from the clutches of the police. Manorama’s retort exposed Koyal’s relation to Shiv, punctuated by Koyal’s accusation of their intentions being driven by monetary gain, casting aspersions on their integrity.

Manorama scolds Koyal for her lack of manners and education, warning that if she were to become her mother-in-law, she’d teach her a lesson. Koyal accuses Shakti of exploiting Shiv for her own benefit. Manorama asserts that they don’t accept anything without giving something in return, refraining from physical reprimand due to Koyal being their guest. Koyal, outraged, insults Manorama, likening her to a servant. In response, Manorama dismisses her, ordering her to leave. Koyal then questions Shakti about Shiv’s repeated entanglements in danger, insinuating that Shakti may have trapped him due to his innocence and desire to help the less fortunate.

She asks Shakti to stop talking. She asks her name. She says it is Koyal. Manorama says you are so bitter and your parents did a mistake by naming you Koyal, you should be Kaviri, as the crow does. Koyal tells him to shut up. She shouts at him to shut up, you are a mad girl. You want to put my Shakti down? She is so pure, she is so genius, she won the scholarship, and she loves everyone no matter what their status is.

What have you achieved on your own? You are rich, but poor from your heart because of your parents’ money. Koyal says women like you are my servants, don’t raise your voices against me. Shakti yells at her to shut up, don’t speak to my Chachi. Rimjhim tells her to get lost. Dharam tells her to get lost. Koyal says you don’t remember the slap from before? Manorama says you hurt my son? I won’t spare you. She takes a slipper and is about to hit Koyal.

As Shiv is in the cell, Ragunath says to him, “Don’t worry, your father is alive and will protect you.” Shiv looks sadly at him. Ragunath turns away and is in tears. Shiv sadly looks at him. Nandu asks Shiv why is he smiling? Shiv replies, “It’s good to see he still loves me” Ragunath leaves. The Mandira sees them and thinks I have poisoned Ragunath, but he still loves Shiv. Therefore, I will kill it today.

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