Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi is told by Isha that there are multiple evidences against Samrudh, so she is advised not to marry him. Bhavani asks Savi if she is doing the pooja properly. Savi nods yes. Someone calls Bhavani and she comes back. Isha asks Savi why she didn’t show proof to Bhavani. Savi asks her to leave now.

In Bhosale nivas, Yeshwanth hosts Ishan and Riva’s engagement ceremony and welcomes the education minister. She is given proofs by Isha and instructed to use them when necessary. He introduces Ishan to minister. Minister congratulates Yeshwanth for his son’s engagement. Ishan looks at Shantanu. Yeshwanth says Ishan is his nephew, but he loves him more than his son. Anvi and Durva take selfies with Ishan.

Isha’s warning prompts Savi to do pooja. Bhavani walks to her and says she knows Savi hates her but is concerned for her future and loves her as much as she loves Vinu and Virat. Then Savi hugs her and thinks about telling her she chose the wrong house. Bhavani tells her she needs to smile because she needs good pictures of her. The baraat arrives. Bhavani attends them. Savi examines the evidence.

Swanand contacts Yashwant and asks him to postpone the engagement due to Riva’s departure for London in pursuit of higher studies. Yashwant expresses frustration and questions how he will explain this to their esteemed guests. He cuts ties with Swanand and cautions him against contacting him in the future. Shantanu inquires about the cancellation of the engagement. Yashwant goes on stage and apologizes for calling off Ishan’s engagement, suggesting that the guests leave. Ishan wonders why Yashwant made such an announcement in a shy manner.

With Ashwini and Harini, Bhavani watches the baraat and tells them that the groom looks pleased and will make Savi very happy. She welcomes the baratis. Vinu and Ashwini perform the Samrudh ritual. Bhavani informs Ashwini that once the siman pooja is complete, she can feed sweets to the groom. Mandar shuts their mouths after the groom’s friend jokes that someone who is already drunk will not recognize sweets. Ashwini feeds sweets to Mandar and detects alcohol smell from him, which she informs Bhavani.

It is said that groom’s friends got him drunk on his special day, otherwise groom is well-cultured. Ashwini asks Harini to bring Savi down. Ishan calls Riva and asks why Yashwanth canceled engagement, and if she can come here immediately. Riva says she can’t, since she is leaving for London. As Swati disconnects the call, she says that she is running late.

Savi reveals to Harini, Ashwini, and Ninad that Samrudh has been hiding a dark side of himself. They are all taken aback to discover that he struggles with addiction and infidelity. Ninad suggests taking action by approaching Samrudh’s family and calling off the wedding. However, Savi is well aware of Bhavani’s stubbornness and predicts that she will forcefully push Sai into marrying Samrudh against her will. Ashwini agrees, stating that Bhavani always prioritizes society’s perceptions over her own daughter’s happiness, just as she did with Harini. Ninad supports Savi in whatever decision she makes and reminds her of Sai’s wise words. Eyeing a photo of Sai, Savi thinks about how her mother would have reacted in this situation – perhaps by running away from it all. Ashwini suggests the same for Savi.


Ishan tells Riva that he hates his mother and Riva has done the same. He asks her to leave. Isha asks Shantanu for help to get Ishan and Savi married. Ishan hears their conversation.

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