Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd February 2023 Written Update

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Pakhi smiles at Vinayak when he wakes up in the morning. He wishes her good morning and asks why she is happy seeing him. Pakhi says she feels happy to see him. She describes herself as queen, Vinu as prince, Sai as sorcerer, and Virat as king. She says the sorcerer failed to snatch prince from queen, so she tried to manipulate king with her magic, but failed.

In response to Vinu’s question about the prince, Pakhi says the sorcerer kidnapped him and lost him, but God could not see the queen’s pain and returned him to her. Now the sorcerer is returning to take Vinu away again. Pakhi replies prince. Vinu asks if the sorcerer will take prince away again. A lawyer asks Sai whether she has any evidence against Pakhi. Sai says Pakhi was jailed for this, but Chavans forced her to withdraw the complaint.

The lawyer asks if her husband’s second wife Pakhi has a criminal record. Sai says there are many evidences she can present in this case, Virat was suspended earlier in the case. She is asked if she has any other evidence. Sai says Virat learned that Vinu is their son and hid it from her for a long time and when she discovered it and gave him an ultimatum, he helped his wife escape with her son; she can expect justice from the courts. Her case is accepted by the lawyer.

Bhavani prepares breakfast for Vinu. Ashwini and Sonali are amazed at what they see. Bhavani tells them they can pull her legs, but she will prepare food for Vinu no matter what. When Pakhi approaches Bhavani, she asks if she can help. Bhavani says she won’t take help from a criminal who tried to kidnap her grandson. She says she spared Sai for Pakhi and considered her an ideal DIL.

In response to Ashwini’s request, Bhavani refuses, and warns Pakhi that if she tries to take her grandson away from her again, she will not spare her. After seeing Sai’s message, Virat sees that Savi will participate in school’s tree planting drive and regrets supporting Pakhi against Sai. Pakhi walks in. Virat asks her to tell the school group that even Vinu will attend. Pakhi says Vinu will not attend school because he fears Sai will take him away. Virat says she should let Vinu meet Sai as Sai is also Vinu’s mother.

He should have let her die yesterday instead of supporting Sai again, Pakhi shouts. Virat asks her to stop saying that and says she is doing wrong with Sai. In spite of knowing Sai is planning something against her, Pakhi insists that she will not let Vinu out until she receives a promise from Saii that she will not take Vinu away.

As Sai drops Savi off at her school, she looks for Vinu. Savi informs her that Vinu hasn’t come to school and isn’t picking up her phone calls. She requests her to call Vinu from her mobile phone and find out what happened. Vinu calls Sai. Pakhi tells Virat that Sai is still calling Vinu. She threatens Virat not to let anyone near Vinu without Sai’s promise. In the morning, all Chavans smile and stare at Vinu. Vinu asks why they stare at him. They all laugh. Bhavani says she prepared a feast for him. Vinu asks if she knows how to prepare food. Everyone laughs.

From now on, Bhavani will prepare his favorite dishes. Vinu rejoices and asks if he can call Savi, as she also loves such food. Bhavani says he can, but should not leave them again. Virat gets a courier for him and Pakhi and stands shocked. He returns to the dining table. Pakhi asks what happened.

It is an official letter, Virat says, and Vinu goes to get it from his room. Bhavani asks why he sent Vinu away, if there was something serious. Ninad reads the legal notice and informs the Chavans that Sai sent a legal custody notice to Virat and Pakhi. The Chavans stand stunned. Virat is concerned about Pakhi.

After dreaming about Pakhi running holding Vinayak and Savi’s hands, Virat realizes its Sai instead. Sai says she was waiting for him, they can stay together now. Virat holds Sai’s hand. He wakes up and murmurs Sai’s name. Pakhi hears him.

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