Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd February 2023 Written Update

The Chavans were shocked after Sai sent them a legal notice, claiming custoday of Vinayak. Omkar asked with disbelief how she could do so, to which Ninad responded that the notice contained criminal charges and discussed how Virat and Pakhi had got surrogacy illegally and tried to send away Vinu. Sai remarked that as the ‘real mother’, she had a right to take back Vinu without resorting to action, provided they allowed her custody.

Bhavani says Sai has always created problems for them, so she is not surprised about Sai’s act. Shivani says any mother would like to keep her child with her, even Pakhi would have done the same. Sonali shouldn’t take Vinu from them and Omkar wonders if a mother should do this. Bhavani yells at her not to interfere. Bhavani warns her not to think about taking Vinu away from them. Omkar suggests hiring a lawyer since it is a legal matter.

Bhavani asks Ninad to hire Nagpur’s biggest lawyer. Ninad asks them all to stop giving their own verdicts and think about fighting Sai or keeping Vinu. As Virat listens to Sai’s story, he thinks Sai will speak to him after he humiliated her so much. At Sai’s house, Savi writes homework for herself and Vinu since Vinu skipped class. When Sai opens the door, she finds Vinu standing there. She emotionally pampers Vinu. Vinu asks what happened to her.

Vinu shows a gold chain gifted by Bhavani and says everyone is acting strangely at home and expressing how much they love her dada. Savi says she adores her dada greatly. Virat enters and asks if she forgot him. She replies that she never did. He gifts her candyfloss. She is ecstatic. She says she doesn’t want to talk to Virat. He asks her and takes her out. Sai says he brought Vinu here because she sent him a legal notice, which Virat asks why she did.

He and his wife forced her to take a legal route by not allowing her to meet her son as their relationship has already reached the police station. Sai says Virat, along with Vinu, is also Savi’s baba and can’t separate his children from each other. Even then, he said he did. Virat says it was just for a day and they all know what happened after that, so she shouldn’t accuse him of it. Sai recalls him hugging and comforting Pakhi, saying they are one.

It is important not to bring their differences between their children between them, and Virat asks her to withdraw her case. She is trying to snatch Vinu from a mother who is mentally unstable and may be able to kill herself, and Sai says this is the only way she can take back Vinu. Virat asks if it’s right to separate Vinu from his family.

Sai says she will think only about herself and her son and asks if he thinks it is right to let Vinu stay with a mentally unstable woman who can kill herself or anyone. Pakhi brought his gun to the resort and she is mentally unstable and can even harm others. Vinu will never be harmed by Pakhi, says Virat.

Virat says she should think what Vinu would think if he learned that both mothers fought for him. Sai says he thinks so and not her. She will take the legal route to get her son back. Sai says she will take the legal route to get her son back. A holyman passes by and blesses their jodi. Virat recalls quality moments spent with Sai. The song Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hai plays in the background. Sai walks away saying they are not together.

In Sai’s words, a human can break god’s jodi, they can stay together or separate like two shores of a river. Virat believes that the shores of the river meet at some point, as he and Sai did once. Vinu says he will go to school as he can meet Savi there. Virat tells him not to worry as Pakhi was asking just like that while feeding him food. Savi told Vinu he would stay with them forever, even getting doctor aunty to prepare a bunker bed for them. Pakhi drops her water class in shock. Virat says Sai must have told Vinu that just like that.

Virat walks down. Bhavani gathers family and asks Virat what Sai said. Virat says Sai doesn’t want to listen and wants to go to court. Bhavani says she knew, so she hired Nagpur’s biggest lawyer. Omkar says no one can snatch Vinu. Bhavani says they will serve food at an orphanage via Vinu, and pray for him. Let’s see how Sai will snatch Vinu from them.

Virat dreams about Pakhi running holding Vinayak and Savi’s hands in dreamland, but realizes it’s Sai instead. Sai says they can all stay together now. He holds her hand. He wakes up and murmurs Sai’s name. Pakhi hears it.

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