Shiv Shakti (Zee) 17th October 2023: Hidden Truths and Deceptive Moves Unravel

Shiv Shakti

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Shakti updates Shiv that a second search for the file is necessary. While combing the area, Mandira covertly notices the file perched on the top shelf. As she moves to retrieve it, Shakti catches a glimpse of her and informs Shiv of his suspicion. However, Shiv dismisses it and urges them to continue seeking the file. Caught in the rack, Mandira struggles to reach Ranjan’s file but eventually frees herself and remains out of sight from Shiv. In vain, Shiv claims he is unsure about the file’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mandira attempts to snatch the file but halts as Shakti gets closer, prompting her to hide again. Observing a red file on display, Shakti notes its significance while Shiv comments on its age.

Shiv agrees with Shakti that it could be important because they did not throw it. Mandira thinks they won’t be able to get it. They reach for the red file. Shakti limps, but Shiv holds her. Shakti grabs the red file. She throws Ranjan’s file towards them so they can’t check it. Shiv takes the file and tells Shakti we have Ranjan’s file now. Mandira thinks I can’t let them see it.

Manorama enters Rimjhim’s room to find both of them fast asleep. She settles on the edge of Shakti’s bed but notices pillows hidden under the covers. She expresses her desire to speak with Shakti while Rimjhim listens intently. Manorama admits that scolding Shakti makes her feel guilty and responsible for any mistakes she may make. As tomorrow marks the day of Rimjhim’s wedding, Manorama believes it is her duty as a mother to prepare for this momentous occasion. However, she assures them that Shakti will stay with her during this time. Before leaving, Manorama notices that Shakti never sleeps with a blanket over her head and uncovers what she thought was Shakti’s head, only to discover pillows in its place. Startled by Rimjhim’s sudden awakening, Manorma asks where Shakti could be hiding.

Shakti inquires with Shiv about how the file suddenly ended up in his possession. Despite several thorough checks of the rack, it was not found. Shiv suspects that the file may have been intentionally passed to them and claims to know who is responsible. Mandira becomes anxious. Shakti presses for more details on the culprit, but Shiv clarifies that he is only joking and credits Lord Shiv for their luck. Shakti detects a familiar scent, but Shiv dismisses it and urges them to leave with the file. Shakti expresses curiosity about a particular red file, but Shiv returns it to its place before departing with Shakti. Mandira seizes this opportunity to retrieve the red file, relieved that her secret remains hidden from her colleagues. She fears the consequences if her wrongdoing is exposed and could potentially lead to imprisonment.

Shakti cannot seem to locate the item. While preparing to rip apart the papers, a guard interrupts her by asking why she is there. Quickly, she returned the papers to their original position and explained that she was checking some documents. The guard responded by reminding her of his duty to protect the vault and that he would immediately notify Shakti and Shiv if there were any unauthorized entries. Another guard arrives at the vault’s entrance and asks who opened it. Anticipating that her presence would be revealed if she attempted to open the vault, Mandira dashes to the door before it can be locked and tosses in the red file. The guards secure the vault before she can reenter, and she scolds them for their actions before they leave.

Rimjhim calls Shiv and Shakti. Shakti says we found proof against Ranjan, and we won. Manorama says we lost. Why do you keep going against me? Shakti says I’m fighting for Rimjhim’s life. I’ve found proof of Ranjan’s guilt. Come home, Manorama says.

I will fight like always. Shakti will try to break Ranjan and Rimjhim’s marriage, but I will get her married to him.

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