Agnisakshi 5th October 2023 Written Episode: Jeevika Uncovers Rajnandini’s Deceit


Agnisakshi 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Jeevika surprising Satvik by covering his eyes. “Please don’t ask who I am,” Satvik quickly says, adding, “I already know. I’m glad you’re here. Only you can soothe my fiery temper.” Jeevika suggests they have some ice cream to cool down. As they enjoy the chilly treat, Satvik repeatedly remarks on how they keep falling for the same person. He expresses his gratitude for her company. Jeevika playfully reminds him that their marriage rituals and commitment have united them through tough times. Curiosity strikes her as she asks if Rajnandini was Utkarsh’s girlfriend before their arranged marriage.

According to Satvik, Utkarsh Dada never mentioned love marriage. Jeevika asks if baba was against love marriage. Satvik says no because Baba himself had one. Jeevika asks why Utkarsh Dada left home for so many years when there was no problem. Satvik says yes. They sleep. Jeevika wakes up and asks Satvik to close his mouth so mosquitoes won’t get inside.

There is no network when Satvik tickles her and tries to romance her. Satvik says his past sins prevent him from getting close to you. He says he will go to the terrace and attend the call. Jeevika asks him to be careful since it has been raining all night. Satvik says he slipped in the night, so how will he slip now? Jeevika thinks Satvik will believe her if she tells him Vahini’s truth now that her blindfold is removed.

Rajnandini comes to Jeevika’s in-house temple and asks her to pray as much as she wants. She says she lost trust in God when he broke her trust. She asks who will believe in God, who is invisible. Jeevika says God created the universe and will destroy you within 7 days. Satvik talks to someone and asks for all the details about the Bangalore project right now. He slips. Utkarsh holds him and asks if he is alright.

As Jeevika thinks about exposing Rajnandini before it’s too late, she wonders how. She believes there are no witnesses or proof of her wrongdoings. She recalls Rao’s words that Rajnandini is behind the crime. She recalls Rao having given her a pen when they were kidnapped. She seeks the pen. Utkarsh asks Satvik why he is so careless and says you were the same in childhood. He says until when I will make you understand.

Satvik is surprised and says he remembered everything. He hugs him and asks if he remembers everything. Satvik realizes and asks why you act as if you don’t remember anything. Utkarsh leaves. Satvik goes behind him. Jeevika finds the pen and opens it to find the pen drive in the pocket. As she connects the video to the laptop, Rajnandini tells Rao that if she has to teach him how to commit fraud worth crores of rupees, why does she hire him as an accountant?

She says I’m giving you money to ruin Narayan Bhosle’s house. Jeevika thinks Rao is telling the truth. She feels since nobody believes Rao, nobody will believe me either. She keeps the pen drive. Satvik takes Utkarsh to his room and asks why he feigned memory loss and hid from us that he was fine. I deserve to know, he says.

She gives Narayan water and asks if you’ve taken heart medicine. She then apologizes to Narayan for her behaviour with Jeevika. She says she apologized to Jeevika. Narayan says your behaviour is not justified and asks you to leave. She says she wouldn’t have done this and doesn’t know how she got into Lata Mausi’s provocation. Lata Mausi doesn’t like Jeevika, and I’m wondering how I ended up in her influence. She says I will bring you fruits.

Narayan asks Rajnandini if what Jeevika’s mother said is true. She pretends to be hurt and asks why she did this. She says Jeevika’s Aai has accused me wrongly and says if I am blamed even after giving this house 7 years, I will give my life. Narayan says Sukanya ji might have misunderstood and says I trust you. Rajnandini smiles and leaves the house.

In his childhood, Satvik taught Utkarsh the importance of truth, so he asked why he lied. Satvik turns to Jeevika and says dada has not lost his memory, he can speak and understand things. It might shock you, but it’s true. Jeevika does not seem shocked and looks at Utkarsh. Satvik asks if you were aware of this.


Then, Jeevika shows Satvik the proof in which Rajnandini confesses to destroying Bhosles. Satvik is shocked. Utkarsh tells Satvik that Rajnandini had chained him like an animal.

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