Agnisakshi 16th May 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 16th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Jeevika embracing Siddhi. Curious, Siddhi asks why she was called there. Jeevika responds that something doesn’t feel right and that’s why she reached out to her. Remembering how happy Jeevika seemed after her marriage and how she didn’t want anyone else to know, Siddhi mentions it. Jeevika reveals that she has made a decision. Satvik confides in Rajnandini about his suspicion of a connection between Rao’s scam and Jeevika’s abduction. He vows to punish the culprit responsible for both incidents. Eager to know, Siddhi asks what decision Jeevika has made. In response, Jeevika reassures her not to think of Satvik as a villain and reminds her of his love and care. She believes he should be the one to get justice for whoever is behind these wrongdoings.

Siddhi acknowledges that he has deceived Jeevika. According to her, Satvik and Supriya are in love with each other. However, she suggests that Jeevika should give them some time and reminds her that if she can love Satvik, why can’t he reciprocate those feelings. Jeevika realizes that it is time to let go of her own desires and bring Satvik and Supriya together. She turns to Siddhi for assistance in finding Supriya. Meanwhile, Satvik asks Sampath for Mr. Rao’s bank details. Shlok arrives to meet him and expresses his disappointment over his actions. He also mentions that both Rajnandini bhabhi and Jeevika bhabhi saw him hugging Supriya as well. At this mention of Jeevika, Satvik becomes anxious about how he will explain himself to her.

In the auto, Jeevika tells Siddhi to go to the fair where she saw her last. Supriya is running and some goons are running behind her. Jeevika takes Supriya to the side of the car. The goons ask Siddhi if she saw a girl. Siddhi says she did. Then Jeevika asks Supriya who they were. She says it is a big story and says it will be discussed another day. She thanks her for saving her again. Jeevika says they are not strangers and are tied together by one thread, Satvik.

As Shlok confronts Satvik, he asks if he intends to cheat Jeevika for Supriya, who left him. He says their home became their home after Jeevika arrived. Satvik assures him that he won’t cheat him. Supriya tells Jeevika that she loves Satvik even now, and that she was forced to leave him because her father fixed her marriage with someone, and when her father found out that the person was a bad guy, he broke it. Jeevika asks who those goons were?

The guy’s goons are trying to catch me and kill me if they don’t get my marriage done with him. Supriya says she changed her location to save herself. Jeevika invites Supriya to her home, but Supriya refuses. Swara thinks with whom she will inquire about Tai. She then messages Shlok and asks about his vahini, and he says she’s fine. He asks her to meet him. Swara says she’s watching a movie with friends and asks him to meet her.

Later, Satvik calls Jeevika and asks Aadhya if she saw her. Aadhya tells him Jeevika went shopping with Siddhi. Satvik calls Jeevika. Jeevika says she’s fine and will return home soon. He wonders why Jeevika didn’t ask him anything. It’s his goal to clarify to her that he doesn’t have a relationship with Supriya.

Jeevika should have come home by now, Juhi and Rajnandini say later. Satvik says yes, but doesn’t know. Just then, Jeevika and Supriya show up. Satvik says you are here. Shlok says you know her? Jeevika says yes, she was in trouble when I met her. Supriya says some goons were behind me when I met her. Jeevika says Supriya was seeking a safe place. Rajnandini says you should have thought about Papa. Aadhya says Baba is in a bad state.

Satvik plans to arrange for Supriya’s stay, while Jeevika promises to convince their father. She requests Satvik’s permission for Supriya to stay with them. Once everyone leaves, Jeevika settles Supriya in the room and offers her assistance. She assures Supriya that she will provide her with clothes if needed. Grateful, Supriya explains that she came here because Jeevika mentioned their possible reunion. However, she doubts if their family will accept her. Jeevika advises her to give them some time and assures her that they will eventually grow fond of her.


Supriya hugs Satvik and says I still love you like I did. Jeevika walks in and sees them hugging and about to leave. Satvik holds her hand as she walks away.

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