Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 4th April 2024: Nandini’s Carelessness Causes Trouble

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Nandini received a voice call from Naren. Naren’s friend complains to Nandini that Naren’s importance has changed since she arrived in his life. Nandini decides to speak with Devyan, not Naren. Devyan is pleased. Naren smiles at the fact that Nandini and Devyan both keep themselves busy talking with each other.

Even though Jigar knows Jalpa is pregnant and always makes fun of everything, he complains to Dhaval about Hemraj’s rude behavior towards her. As Hetal clarifies to Jigar, Jalpa has always made fun of Nandini since they first met her, so Jalpa needs to be more careful with her behavior. Then she advises Jigar not to be like his father, Dhaval. Jigar insults Hemraj, but Hetal taunts him. Both Jigar and Dhaval become angry and upset.

The next day, Naren goes to Jalpa. He takes care of her and also tells her that he knows that she has cracked a few jokes about Nandini and her family, but Hemraj doesn’t easily take such jokes. After pretending to be okay in front of Naren, Jalpa ventes her anger at Nandini because of whom Hemraj had scolded her. She decides not to spare Nandini.

In Upleta, Nandini shares a photo of Kinjal with Surbhi the cow and Ishwar, noting that Surbhi has gained fame. Curious about Naren and his family, she turns to Surbhi for her thoughts. After making a noise, Surbhi elicits Ishwar’s playful laugh. Meanwhile, Mehul receives a call from Hemraj regarding confidential instructions on the land’s legal papers. Promising to keep this information confidential, Mehul then meets with Ishwar and informs him without Nandini’s awareness.

To keep Nandini occupied, Ishwar assigns her some work. However, as he goes to sign the papers during this time, they are suddenly interrupted by Mani’s scream. Without a second thought, Nandini, Ishwar, and Mehul rush inside to see what caused the commotion. As they find out that it was just Mani’s fear of cockroaches, they all have a good laugh. Soon after, Nandini excuses herself to feed Surbhi and comes across a delivery from Hemraj for Ishwar. Before she can review the document correctly, Mani screams again, and Nandini accidentally feeds it to her cow along with some grasses.

In shock, Mehul tries to save the papers but fails. Nandini explains the situation to both Ishwar and Mehul and asks them about the document. Ishwar lies to her. Nandini apologizes to her for her carelessness. Mehul tells Ishwar he should inform Hemraj. Ishwar agrees. Mani tells Nandini and Ishwar to buy a ring for Naren, so Ishwar leaves without answering Hemraj’s calls. Hemraj becomes upset.

Naren instructs the jewelry shop owner to give Nandini’s family members the priciest ring from his shop. However, he asks them to charge them half price and agrees to cover the remaining cost. The shop owner complies with Naren’s request and puts on an act for Nandini’s family. Meanwhile, Ishwar receives a call from Hemraj, who expresses his anger at Nandini’s carelessness. He demands that Ishwar book a luxurious hotel for their stay during the wedding festivities. Feeling helpless, Ishwar fulfills Hemraj’s wish. Nandini wonders why Ishwar is behaving this way.


After Hemraj informs Ishwar that he needs to sign the documents before Naren and Nandini’s wedding, everyone is shocked to see an unconscious Ishwar.

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