Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Khushi Confronts RV About Poorvi’s Safety

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the Episode begins, Khushi arrives at RV’s house and discovers Poorvi partaking in the muh dikhayi tradition. While RV’s family prepares to commence the function, Prachi expresses concern for Khushi’s well-being. Diya volunteers to check on her at RV’s house. Upon spotting Poorvi, Dadi admires her beauty and compares her to an angel. Dada Ji also compliments her appearance and mentions the beautiful necklace he had kept for her in his room. Dadi then escorts Dada ji away to retrieve the gift.

Khushi gazes at everyone, her thoughts drifting back to RV’s words. Damini inquires why she has come. Khushi responds that they all know Poorvi is her sister. Deepika questions her about her supposed fame, to which Khushi replies that she needs to speak with Poorvi. Harleen stops Poorvi and advises her not to engage in the conversation now but to wait until Khushi returns for the paper. She requests snacks from Damini. Khushi reiterates that RV had threatened to harm her sister. Just then, RV arrives on the scene. Khushi approaches Poorvi and lifts her veil, revealing herself. Surprised, Poorvi remarks that Khushi has come here too. In response, Khushi reveals that she wishes to discuss the matter between RV and herself and how it involves Poorvi.

RV tells the waitress to pour juice on Khushi’s clothes, which she does. Poorvi then instructs Khushi to go to her room and change. As Khushi walks away, the apologetic waitress continues with the muh dikhayi festivities. Later, as Khushi enters RV’s room, he arrives shortly after. She bravely declares that she will reveal his true character to her sister, leading to his removal from her life. RV recalls how he used to love all of Khushi’s quirks and habits, except for one – her tendency to speak without thinking or falsely accuse him of molestation. He warns her about the potential consequences for her sister if she follows through with her plan. Undeterred, Khushi insists on exposing him. RV retaliates by reminding her that his identity has now changed from Rajvansh to RV, advising her not to cross any boundaries he has set for their relationship.

He looks at Poorvi and says he doesn’t like the necklace that she is wearing. Dada ji says Deepika Bhabhi gave her the necklace. She says she doesn’t know the natural ornament. He says he brought Senco jewelry, which reflects our customs and prestige. He shows Poorvi a diamond necklace and promotes Senco jewelry, which has 150 showrooms across the city. Poorvi says it is stunning and asks if I need it.

As you are my bahu, Dadu asks if you like it. Poorvi says it is beautiful, elegant, etc. Dadu asks her to wear it and take off her necklace. Poorvi wears the diamond necklace. Dadu says it is specially made for you. He asks her to keep it safe and says I have been giving Senco jewelry to your father for 50 years. Deepika asks Dadu to allow them to see her. He then leaves.

Khushi tells RV that she will reveal the truth to his sister. Deepika shouts at Poorvi, asking her to wear the necklace she received. Poorvi wears it and asks if she can keep it in the room and come. Deepika says yes. RV asks Khushi who made him this way. He throws the table stuff, causing Kumkum to fall to the floor. Poorvi thinks she left it there.

You say RV will ruin Poorvi’s life; she is the medium to get revenge. Khushi says she will tell Poorvi, and Poorvi will walk out the door. RV threatens her. Despite his threat, Khushi is about to leave when he switches off the light. He stops her and shows her their pictures, threatening to make an MMS and make it viral. She gets shocked.

In the precap, RV says that whatever happened to my sister can happen to your sister too. In fact, it will happen tomorrow. Monisha arrives.

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