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Akshay hits Abhay in his room at the beginning of the episode. He says Ranbir cannot be saved, I have planned to kill him. Abhay says this is my room and says he would have been injured. He tries to stop Akshay. Akshay is still stunned and calls the goon. He humiliates the goon and tells him to wear bangles and stay at home.

Akshay says he is Akshay Tandon, and he will not leave him. The goon says if I can kill Ranbir, I can kill you as well right now. Akshay throws his phone in anger. Abhay tries to calm him down. The goon says you gave me money to kill Ranbir, but nothing will happen to me.

Ranbir helps Khushi search for her doll and presents it to her. She expresses gratitude and mentions how much she missed her toy. Curious, Ranbir asks for the name of the doll. Khushi replies that her name is Cookie and requests him to find a suitable groom for her. He inquires if she has any preferences for the groom. Khushi responds that they will buy a wedding outfit for Cookie and Ranbir offers to take them both shopping. Excitedly, Khushi reveals her desire to witness a real marriage as she has never had the opportunity.

I’ll take you to a real marriage and the food will be good too, says Ranbir. Khushi wants to see Mamma’s wedding and asks him to marry her. She says you both look good together. Ranbir says it’s a great idea, and says he’ll marry your Mamma and show you our wedding. Mihika hears him and remembers her challenge to Prachi. I won’t let Prachi take my Ranbir and I’ll do something right away.

Ranbir comes into Prachi’s kitchen and says boo..She says Baklu…Ranbir. Ranbir asks how she is doing? Prachi says good. He says you’re making salads. She asks if he needs anything. Ranbir says you and then says water. Prachi gives him water. She asks if he’s okay and says she was worried about him. He thanks her for loving him so much.

There is no such thing, Prachi says. As you are making salad for me, Ranbir says I said don’t add carbohydrates, as I am about to marry soon and don’t want my weight to increase. Prachi gets upset and asks him for salad, remembering Mihika’s words. After wondering what happened to her, Ranbir eats a biscuit.

Afterwards, Ranbir is alone in his room when the glass slips from his hand. Just then, Divya enters and urges him to check on Mihika, who is now unconscious on the terrace. Ranbir quickly makes his way there and checks her pulse before declaring that she seems to be okay. Divya secures the terrace door before leaving, while Mihika regains consciousness and speaks of feeling alive but also dead in Ranbir’s love. She then points out the romantic set-up on the terrace for him, prompting Ranbir to agree to go see it. However, Mihika forcefully grabs his hand and they dance together while “Huyi Main Tumhari” plays in the background. Finally, Mihika goes down on one knee and confesses her love to Ranbir with a flower in hand.

The way you care for me and love me makes you perfect, Mihika says to Ranbir. He says I don’t love you, as I told you many times. He says he came here for your Papa, got engaged to you, but I can’t marry you. He says he will make them understand that we aren’t together. She asks him to stop and asks if he is doing this for Prachi.

He asks where Prachi came from. Mihika says Prachi is wooing and trapping you. He says enough and says I came here to help you, and I saw Prachi here. Despite the fact that everything between us was clear from day one, he does not understand where Prachi came in. Mihika asks him to marry her, saying she is 10 out of 10, and Prachi is only 5 out of 10. Ranbir asks what you are talking about? Mihika says she loves him a lot, and asks him to marry her.

It is your illusion that you love me, Ranbir says. She begs him in front of him to marry her and hugs him. Ranbir asks her not to do this. Mihika holds his hands around her waist and says she will do anything to get his love. He says I don’t love her. Ranbir says I don’t love her. Mihika asks why do you love Prachi, she is the mother of my daughter. He says I love Prachi.

I love Prachi more than anyone else, he says. He says I cannot handle anymore and asks her to return her engagement ring. He says I don’t have any relation to you, we’re not even friends anymore, and he says I’ll let everyone know that we don’t have a relationship. From there, he leaves. Mihika gets upset and cries. She then becomes angry and bursts the balloon. She throws everything from the table and says I love you Ranbir, and I can’t break up with you.

Vishaka asks Manpreet where the warm clothes are and says it’s cold outside today. Manpreet says she keeps them in the storeroom. Divya laughs and says good news can come at any time. Vishaka asks what happened? Divya says she had gone to Mama ji’s room first. Ashok asks her to tell him. Divya says the terrace has been decorated so beautifully that anyone can agree to a wedding there.

When Ranbir arrives there, Divya informs him he cannot marry Mihika. He asks her to call everyone. Mihika says he doesn’t care at all for me. She asks what she can do to make him mine. Her proposal was loving and she touched him, but he saw me with hatred that I can’t see. She says I said I loved you so much and asked him to marry me, but he said he had never loved me and that love cannot be given in charity.

Her statement is that he says that he loves Prachi, not me. Divya asks her to be calm. Mihika claims Ranbir and Prachi have both betrayed me. She says Prachi has wooed my fiancé, how dare she? As Ranbir wants to say something, Divya asks her to calm down, but Mihika refuses, and runs away.

She goes to Prachi and says she shouldn’t have done this cheap thing. Prachi asks her to talk to her well. Mihika says she is a cheap woman. Prachi says you are very mannerless. Mihika says you are using your daughter to get Ranbir. Prachi says you aren’t her bau, as you tried to kill her along with me. Mihika says she doesn’t want any relation, and says you have stolen Ranbir by wooing him and wandering around him.

Prachi says I have to reply to you, that you can’t bear. Mihika says it is easy to talk, and prompts her to do something. Prachi is leaving. Mihika asks what you will do? Prachi says you have involved me in Ranbir’s problem, and I have to answer you in front of all the family.

Mihika says everything will be fine. She says I sent Prachi there, so that she goes to tell everyone, and I trapped her. She says Ranbir will apologize to me and will fix the marriage for tomorrow.

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