Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surili welcomes Ranimaa to the palace in the first episode. She asks how she managed to raise so much money so quickly. Surili says it doesn’t matter. Shiv asks her what she said. Surili says I sold my cafe and its franchise, Pammi bought a small café, and I sold my parents’ properties as well. Shiv asks what. Surili replies, “I love you all.” Shiv thanks her.

Ranimaa reassures, “I promise I will definitely make your café.” Samar quickly contacts the builder and confronts Roshni. He accuses her of betraying and deceiving him, expressing his disappointment by calling her a traitor and a cheater. He vows to expose all her hidden secrets, reminding her that one good action cannot erase all her wrongdoings. She responds by urging Samar to also change for the better, revealing that she was unaware of his intentions to harm their family. As she walks away, Samar angrily declares that he will teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, Ranimaa takes her place on the throne.

Everyone smiles at Ranimaa. Samar arrives. Raghav punches him. Ranimaa stops him. Raghav says, “You can punish me, but don’t stop me this time, or I’ll kill you.” She scolds Samar for cheating us, he tried to force us out of our house, but he couldn’t stand up to the power of unity.

My mother says I’m not complaining, goodness always wins, Surili told me you’re doing this to heal your wound, and I’d like to tell you, make that wound your strength, not weakness. Anger and revenge are signs of weakness, so make this wound your strength. We don’t have a place for him in our lives, Shiv says, so get him out of the palace.

Animaa says I hope Samar ends the enmity today, if you have Suchitra’s values, then leave the anger, I know Suchitra won’t be happy with your behavior. Samar leaves. Surili asks her to stop Samar. Ranimaa says decisions are made with the mind, not with the heart; she saw her husband’s behavior, Shiv, you explain your wife, else anyone will fool Surili. Shiv tells Surili it’s just a bad dream.

Mohit says he’s done. Roshni asks him for food. Ranimaa feeds him. She smiles. She says, “Go play, Roshni.” She says, “I accepted Mohit, not you, we know why you came here.” Shiv and Surili come. Surili thanks Roshni for saving them. Animaa says Roshni can’t stay here. She asks Shiv to get Roshni’s treatment done in Mumbai by the best doctors there.

Surili explains that Roshni had assisted us, leading us to our current location. Ranimaa clarifies that she had specifically aided us for Mohit’s sake. Surili emphasizes the importance of keeping Mohit and his mother close. Ranimaa condemns the decision to shelter Roshni, who was in love with Shiv. Roshni tearfully admits her enduring love for Shiv, before adding that her true intention was to secure Mohit’s rightful place and fulfill a personal desire to replace Surili. However, she has now realized that Surili and her match perfectly. She asks for forgiveness for lying about her cancer and confesses that she had hired actors to pretend as doctors for a fabricated diagnosis.

Suddenly, Shiv asks what, what a big lie. I love you, I respect you both, I came here to get Shiv, but I got a younger sister instead, and I know my mistake is too big. I did not realize that I chose the wrong way, but now I understand it, after seeing Surili, I have decided to choose the right way, when Mohit left me and comfort, he decided to stay with you all, as if he were Shiv, I decided…. They hear some sound and go out to see. Some men beat Samar.

Ranimaa inquires about the identity of the individuals assaulting Samar and prompts Sam to call the police. She questions their motives, accusing them of creating a scene, and asks what they are seeking. One of the men declares that he wants ownership of the palace, to which Ranimaa firmly states that it belongs to the Barot family and orders them to leave. Maan reveals that Samar is their brother and pleads for them to stop beating him. Despite his efforts, Raghav refuses to intervene and signals against it. With a sense of contentment, he orders them to continue beating and even kill Samar. Ranimaa forbids Maan from getting involved while Shiv rushes in and rescues Samar.

Surili stops Maan and says to stay here, Shiv is there. The man shoots Samar. Shiv runs to save Samar. He pushes Samar and gets shot. Samar is shocked. Everyone shouts Shiv.

The police arrive. The man flees. Everyone runs to hold Shiv. Surili and Ranimaa ask Shiv to open his eyes. Sam calls the doctor. Ranimaa asks the doctor to do anything other than save Shiv. Raghav says the men will be arrested. As Surili sees Samar, she cries. She asks why he came here now. She scolds Samar. She says I’m a fool for trying to comprehend your pain, you have…

The motive wasn’t mine, Shiv came in between. Salm says he wanted to save his brother, and you wanted to kill him. Roshni cries. Surili says I’ve always stood by you. Go away, leave Samar. The doctor comes running and says Shiv has lost blood, arrange blood quickly. Ranimaa says our blood group is not AB-. Raghav and everyone try to arrange blood. Surili prays for Shiv.


Samar hugs Raanimaa and says Maa. Surili sits on the throne.


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