Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the beginning of the Episode, Surili expresses her one wish – for her child to be born into a family filled with love. She believes that Maan’s words are a reflection of your teachings and that everyone’s anger is clouding their judgement. It may be easier to avoid problems, but it takes strength to confront them. Samar has taken everything from us, but we must not give up our home without a fight. He wants to break us apart, but we must stand together and show him that we are not easily defeated. Who is with me in this?

They all go inside. Mohit hugs Roshni. Samar says this house isn’t yours. Surili asks why you are shocked. He says what happened that you came back, couldn’t you face the world, oh it’s so hard, no car, no driver. He laughs. We are united, what is the use? You tried to break us down and make us enemies, but we are still united to face you, we cannot be broken down by you.

Shiv says you have snatched our palace and given two options; we will stay here and break you down, we will defeat you. Raghav says break us if you want, we’ll be together. Wow, what a dialogue, you all chose the second option, I’ll set the rules, I’ll break you all, this love, family, and unity will be shattered.

We can’t be broken, says Ranimaa. It is an open challenge, ex Ranimaa, we’ll give you a grand welcome, I want you to remove your picture and put my mum’s picture in there. He says just try it and see what I can do, you are proud of yourself, I will break your unity, its an open challenge, ex Ranimaa. Raghav shouts, Samar says to keep it down.

Samar inquires Ranimaa if she would be willing to either complete this task or step out. Roshni wonders why Ranimaa had left their mother’s side. Mohit expresses disapproval at Shiv and Surili being removed from their own home, emphasizing that Surili is his favorite due to her honesty and fearlessness, which are admirable qualities. In the meantime, Ranimaa makes a few changes to the picture. Samar applauds her efforts and comments that the palace now looks flawless. He then advises her to get ready as he has a plan for what needs to be done next. Meanwhile, Raghav takes on the task of cleaning. He assures Maan that they will overcome this situation without losing their cool, acknowledging that anger is a weakness and Samar took advantage of it. Maan tells him not to dwell on it too much.

Raghav asks Maan to sit and take some rest. He says he got fine, let it be, I’ll do the work. Samar scolds them. He talks to his mom’s picture. He asks Ranimaa to make Rajma chawal. He names many dishes. He tells Ranimaa I’ll have sweets. Surili helps Ranimaa. They cook together. Surili says your hands are magical.

Animaa tells about Shiv’s childhood. She tastes the food. Samar tastes the food. He says it’s really bad, you can go out if you can’t make the food well. Surili worries. She goes to the kitchen. Sam says I’ll wash the utensils. Raghav asks if you know how to do it. Sam says no. Surili says I’ll teach you. They eat together. Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum…. Shiv says once everything is fine, mum will cook once a week. Raghav agrees.

Samar watches and doubts their reaction to my words. He comments, not bad… you completed all the tasks. Very commendable. Although you forgot this one, it’s alright. I forgive you, Surili ji. Not only are you their daughter-in-law, but also their source of courage, strength, and support. She responds, what can we do? I brought them here with the hope of securing their rights eventually. However, time is unpredictable for both them and for you. Samar declares confidently, I know how to crush their hopes and instill hatred in them. She counters, you have attempted that before, but we stand united and protected. You may try to sow seeds of bitterness, but no one can break our bond or weaken us.


Samar says the palace will be auctioned. Everyone is shocked.


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