Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 1st May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Written episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 1st May 2023, written update on

The Episode starts with Shivendra following Surilii. Bandish answers calls on Shiv’s phone. Rani Maa calls Shiv. Bandish says Shiv is here. She says to answer the phone call and show Shivendra to me. He says no, I don’t know he isn’t here, he went after Surilii. Veera gets angry and she scolds him.

Surilii inquires the driver as to what is the quickest way. To which, he proposes a short cut and she expresses her gratitude. She turns on her favourite playlist on while asking him if she should roll down the window for fresh air. When they come to a standstill, he goes out to check the car and returns to inform us that the engine has overheated. He requests her assistance only to suddenly take off after leaving her stranded in a forest; tears brimming in her eyes, she wonders, “What else could go wrong?” Unexpectedly, it begins raining; Gunni meanwhile finds himself with Rani Maa and Bandish updates Veera about Shiv.

It is okay, Veera says I’m leaving, I’ll get Shivendra and return. Shivendra comes to Surilii. He asks if you’re okay. She says don’t follow me. He says the man wasn’t a taxi driver, because the plate was white, not yellow, so I followed you, come now, let’s go to the resort, we can sort out the issue, this is a forest, so safety is the priority.

She asks him to leave. He asks what you want. She says umbrella, thanks. He says you’re going to the wrong side. She argues and goes ahead. She falls. Rani Maa says you have to get Shivendra for my birthday tomorrow. Veera promises to get him. Gunni opens her eyes.

I talked about this safety, it’s a jungle. Shivendra helps her. Mithi asks why Gunni is special to Rani Maa. The other maid tells her about Gunni. She says I should know what to talk about. She says Gunni has predicted the future. She asks if it gets true. The maid says yes, Meher comes in Gunni and just talks about the royal family.

Raji Maa says tell me everything in detail. Surilii thanks, Shiv. He apologizes. She asks why. He says it was for a mistake I didn’t make. Sasha and Maasi argue. Shivendra and Surilii are in the jungle. Gunni tells Shiv about the girl in his life. She writes S and says her name starts with S, and she has sworn to ruin her.


Raghu says I’m trying to track Shivendra’s car, but I’m not able to find him and that girl Surilii. Shivendra says my mom sent the money to separate you from me.


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