Pandya Store 21st October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Faces a Tough Decision Amidst Family Drama!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 21st October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Dhawal stating there should be no more issues with her. Amrish confirms his statement. Natasha then arrives at the house, where Dhawal expresses his gratitude to Amrish. He acknowledges Amrish’s generosity and embraces him before leaving. Bhaven points out how Amrish seemed to have given in to Dhawal’s wishes, but Amba suggests they focus on the bigger picture – making a mall and settling their debts. Despite being warned by Amrish, the bahus remain stubborn. As she enters her room, Natasha reminisces about her moments with Dhawal while “Ya rabba…” plays in the background. Soon after, Dhawal joins her and offers to help unpacking.

We have many knots between us, but we will try to sort it out and start over. he says, ” I knew you would come back, and I knew you couldn’t live without me. Pandit calls Amrish. Amrish fixes the Bhoomi puja. Amba says she doesn’t trust Natasha. Amrish says you trust me, but Chiku shouts Chutki. Amrish says it is my house. Chiku says where is my sister. Dhawal thinks I can’t see you crying. Natasha says you’re the cause of these tears.

Dhawal expresses his guilt, asking for advice on what to do next. His partner explains that she never wanted to marry out of sympathy, as she only has one kidney. However, their relationship changed her perspective. He tries to convince her by expressing his sincerity, but she struggles to believe him. In another situation, Amrish reprimands Chiku for being deceitful and calls him a fraud. Chiku defends himself, admitting that he transferred the store to Natasha, and apologizes. Amrish accuses him of being manipulative and urges him to stop causing harm if he wants to see his sister happy. Dhawal asks for forgiveness from everyone present. Finally, Natasha forgives Chiku and emphasizes that their family can forgive even the biggest enemies. Chiku says there is no problem taking something from a thief and cheating a cheater. Bhaven says to return the money. Chiku pushes him and stops Chirag.

According to Chiku, this is a deposit, and my sister will not encounter any difficulties. However, Natasha expresses her lack of trust in you and states that she only came for Suman’s sake, no longer holding any feelings for you. As a result of this, Dhawal breaks into tears. Chiku adds that it would be great if Natasha finds happiness here, further asserting that they value relationships more than money. Amrish interrupts and firmly declares that they have no interest in entertaining such absurdities and that he can throw them out if needed. He proceeds to scold Chiku for his past actions and accusations against the family, doubting their integrity and deeming them insincere cheaters. Furthermore, he accuses Chiku of playing games but grants permission for him to meet with Natasha in the coming days.

Chiku calls out for Natasha, while Amba disapproves of his behavior. Upon hearing Chiku, Natasha approaches and inquires about Suman’s well-being. He reassures her everything is fine but questions why she came without informing him. Natasha apologizes, claiming to have forgotten. Chiku does not believe her and distrusts the people Suman trusts. Dhawal arrives, and Chiku urges Natasha to be honest with him, asking if she gave away the Pandya store papers to them. This causes Natasha great concern. Chiku reminds her that the store belongs to her and encourages her to return home with him.


Amba scolds Dolly for coming to puja. She asks her to stop the drama and sleep on the carpet for three days. Natasha says this is wrong.

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