Pandya Store 16th January 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Krish starts the episode by fooling Shweta. He asks her to fly kites because the terraces of all the houses are joined, making it a safe place to fly kites. Dhara says it’s a beautiful kite, Shiva will fly it. Shiva flies the kite. Everyone smiles. Krish says surprised, look at this kite. It has Chiku and Chutki’s names on it.

Shiva takes Chutki, Rishita and Dev fly the kite, and Shweta sees Chiku crying. Shiva and Raavi attend Chiku. Dhara says he will go get milk for Chiku. Shweta hides. Udi udi jaye…plays… They all fly kites.

Shiva says yes, I am fine. He feels a headache. Gautam asks Raavi to take the kite. Shiva sees Chiku being taken by the woman. He shouts stop, Chiku! Seeing Shweta’s face, Krish sees Shiva. Shiva falls. Shweta is shocked. Krish is also shocked. Chiku and Chutki’s kite gets cut off. Krish sees Chutki on the cot.

Shiva gets up. Dhara looks around. Shiva takes Chiku from Shweta. He faints. Krish shouts Shiva. Everyone runs downstairs. Krish puts Chutki in the cradle. He shouts to call everyone. Shweta bites his finger. Seeing Shiva, everyone gets shocked. Krish takes Chiku. Shweta sees Chutki in the other cradle. She takes Chutki and runs downstairs. Dev and everyone come downstairs. Krish orders Shweta to leave Chutki. Rishita is shocked.

All of them run outside. Shweta flees in an auto. Krish and everyone try to save Chutki. A truck comes in between. They follow Shweta. They meet with an accident. Dhara sees the kite there. She faints. Krish weeps.


She makes kites and sends them to everyone, asking them to come back, Suman is ill.

Chiku runs and opens the door to see his cousins. Dhara says they will come, you have to die. Suman agrees. Chiku runs and opens the door.

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