Pandya Store 6th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 6th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Shweta says, “My evil got tired, you saved my life, I’m ready to divorce Krish, call the lawyer.” Dhara asks her to take medicine. Krish asks her to come and give Prerna medicine. She says she will take care of her, she is carrying our heir, so come.” They leave.

Shiweta cries. Dhara asks about Dev and Rishita. Krish says they left. Dev and Rishita worry about Shiva. I will go and speak to Malti, who doesn’t want Arushi and Shiva to marry. He says we have to find Shiva and Raavi, they were kidnapped. The goons take Shiva and Raavi to some place.

When Raavi gets up, she is still dizzy. She calls out Rishita. She sees the goons and calls them. She embraces Shiva and says you both have taken good disguise as kidnappers. You are taking Rishita’s name again, says the goon. Raavi asks who are you. She is scolded by the goon. She says Dev and Rishita have sent you, this place is different, the plan will fail, I want to speak to them.

The black car greets Dev and Rishita at the place. The goon gets angry at Raavi. Dev and Rishita try to get in. The goon says yes. Raavi throws things at the goons. They run away. Raavi locks the door. Shiva gets Shiva’s phone and calls for help. She worries. The goons worry and run away. She worries. She gets Shiva’s phone and calls for help. Dev and Rishita see the goons and shout. The light goes out. Raavi gets scared.

The goons ask who are you. Rishita asks who are you. The goons run. Rishita says we’ll find Raavi and Shiva. Malti calls Dhara. She says I have to go for some important work. Gautam says I’ll drop you off, we’ll see the lawyer. Dhara says I’ll handle it. Suman asks where you’re going. Dhara says I’m going to see if Malti has left. Suman says no need to worry, just let it be.

Arushi says she is shameless, and she needs extra doses. She gets shocked when Arushi comes in a chariot, with band playing. She sings Ek hazaaron me meri behna hai… She asks Dhara will you not welcome me. Suman and Dhara become angry as they discover that Arushi is Dhara’s stepsister, and that she chose me as Shiva’s second partner because of the elegant jewelry and shagun Dhara gave me. Suman is shocked.


Arushi says Dhara gave me 1 lakh. Suman says Shiva won’t marry you. Arushi acts like Dhara will support me.


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