Pandya Store 7th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 7th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, the neighbors ask when Dhara’s sister will arrive. Suman scolds Arushi and asks her to leave. After years, our family has come together, Dhara found us and called us, and she gave us a place to live on rent, just as Chiku eventually goes to his real mother, Shweta, so I promised her that I would give her my first child.

Shiweta wonders if my Chiku will come back. Raavi asks Shiva to stand up. She gets scared and cries. Suman says she is lying. Malti asks Arushi what she’s doing. She asks her to come home. Dhara worries. Arushi says her mother has also come. She performs a drama, revealing Malti’s face to them. Shiva sees Raavi. She says I’m your Raavi. Shayad….plays… He recalls the past.

As he embraces her, memories of Dev flood his mind. He quickly pushes Raavi away and demands to know where she found him, calling her a fool. Suman urges Malti to take her daughter and leave, but their neighbors mock and insult her. Arushi jumps in, defending Malti by saying she had to leave her children, but has returned after Dhara melted her heart. However, Arushi is not being completely honest with the neighbors. Confused, Malti asks what she means. Arushi explains that Dhara promised to arrange a marriage between Shiva and herself by convincing the Pandya family. Shiva becomes enraged at the news and yells at someone to open the door, warning everyone to stay away from him. Raavi persists, trying to make a connection with him and reminding him of their past together, but he insists there is no relationship between them and that she is only hurting herself, him, and Dev.

He hits the door. She says he doesn’t remember anything. Suman throws a stick at Arushi and says there are limits to lying. Arushi thinks I will not leave until I ruin Dhara’s respect. Kanta claims Arushi will marry Shiva and take him away, and Malti will steal anyone’s husband. Arushi says right, I’ll train you to snatch someone’s husband, and my mum’ll teach you that. They are thrown tomatoes by the people.

Dev and Rishita try to break the door. They argue. Shiva kicks the door and breaks it. Dev asks if you are okay. Shiva says leave me. Rishita asks did you do anything, why did he run away. Raavi says no, we really got kidnapped. Rishita says we were coming, but Arushi and her mother came to our car. Shiva leaves, and Dhara protects Malti and Arushi. She asks Dhara to leave with them.

Dev says the car won’t start. Raavi and Rishita ask him to do something. Suman asks Dhara to come to her. Dhara says no, they are doing wrong. Suman says Arushi started it. The man tells Kanta to throw away the Malti. Dhara says they have hurt me and my brother, what right do you have to treat them that way. Kanta says you want to protect your mother and insult your Saas. She says Dhara is wrong, that she will marry Shiva and Arushi in the future.


Suman says you will never marry Shiva, I promise. Arushi says I trust her promise.


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