Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Chiku Unleashes Chaos at the Makhwana House

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 12th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Suman grips Chiku’s hand while “Yaadon ki baraat…plays” in the background. Natasha and Chiku are both taken aback by this. Chiku urges Natasha to leave Suman’s hand and come with him. Concerned for Suman’s well-being, Natasha calls on the doctors to save her. She demands to know who he is to bring her outside and insists that he release her hand. Chiku reminds her that if she continues this behavior, Suman’s life is at risk as her condition is critical. Natasha gazes at him, unsure of what to do. He reassures her that it was not her fault but rather the mistake of her in-laws, and they will be held accountable for their actions. He then addresses her as “Chutki” and asks if she understands his message.

Natasha is shocked when she thinks of Chiku while Hetal brings tea to Amrish. He inquires about the Rakhi incident and how it was carried out. She becomes anxious, and he urges her to respond. She explains that she had climbed out of the kitchen window. He suggests that Natasha may have influenced her to do so and insists on calling her brother to cut the rakhi and send a photo. She questions his reasoning, but he assumes she wants to rebel and tells her to make the call. With reluctance, she dials her brother’s number and asks him to untie the rakhi, take a picture and send it.

He asks her why she won’t remove the rakhi, but she insists on him following her instructions. She admits to making a mistake and asks him to cut the rakhi and send her a photo. However, he refuses to listen, and she begs him to reconsider. Ultimately, her brother cuts the rakhi and sends her a picture, angrily causing Amrish to break her phone. She sobs as Natasha calls out for Chiku, who stops in their tracks. Shesh and Mittu arrive looking for Chiku, and Natasha breaks down when they see them.

Amba talks to Chabeli and says Natasha will never return. Chiku cries and leaves. Natasha recalls Chiku’s words. Shesh says he’s a goon. Natasha says to go to him before he leaves. I’ll handle Suman. The moment Natasha sees Suman, she cries. Dolly wonders if Natasha and Dhawal will divorce. Chirag says no, they’re made for each other. Yes, but Natasha must understand if she wants to stay here. I am adjusting to this.

Chirag smiles and says people are different, no one matures like you, Natasha is immature and sensitive. She asks if I’m not sensitive. He says I mean you are Dolly, you are the best. They hug. Natasha prays for Suman. She lights a diya. She cries and says you can’t snatch Suman from me, Bholenath; she filled my parents’ place. Don’t snatch her; please make her okay. I want to hear good news.

Chiku arrives at the Makhwana residence and is urgently calling for Amrish. Both Amrish and Amba quickly appear. Chiku begins causing damage to the property, prompting Amrish to ask what has happened and if he has discovered a new way to destroy the Pandya store. Chiku denies this and claims to have found a way to break Amrish. He grabs hold of Amrish while Bhaven and Chirag emerge from their rooms. Concerned, Amrish questions Chiku’s sanity and warns him that he will have nowhere else to go if he is fired. Unfazed, Chiku declares that he refuses to work for someone as cheap as Amrish. This leads Bhaven and Chirag to intervene by scolding and physically attacking Chiku. Amid the chaos, Amba asks Amrish to call the police as she wonders why this hooligan is fighting in their home. Eventually, with the help of Bhaven and Chirag, they manage to subdue Chiku, who continues to resist. Just then, Shesh arrives on the scene.

Shesh recalls Chiku and Shesh’s childhood. Shesh says you should be ashamed, did you forget how we used to save each other. Chiku asks where Mittu is. Shesh says Mittu was with me, but he ran away. Shesh says Chiku…. Amrish and everyone are shocked. Shesh says Mittu was with me, but he ran away. Chiku says he is Shiva’s son. They fight the Makhwana brothers. Chiku catches Amrish and asks Chirag to stop. Shesh asks Chiku to stop. Chiku says Yashodan Pandya aka Chiku.


The doctor says we have kept Suman on a ventilator. The nurse says we can only get the medicine in Mumbai. Natasha blames Dhawal for Suman’s condition.

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