Pandya Store 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise at Pandya Store!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with the workers becoming angry and heading towards Amrish and his brothers to harm them physically. They berate Amrish for disrespecting them and start damaging things in the office. Meanwhile, Natasha climbs onto a vehicle but ends up falling. Dhawal catches her and helps her onto a crane. As they are about to descend, they share a moment while the song Pal… plays in the background. However, their peaceful moment is interrupted when a worker grabs Dhawal. He holds onto Natasha and scolds the worker for his actions. The worker then tells them they must go with him as Amrish waits for them. Confused, Natasha asks Neetu to go home while she follows Dhawal.

Amba instructs the bahus to launder the stained garments. The worker brings Dhawal to Amrish and explains the gravity of the situation. Dhawal inquires about the issue. The worker reveals that one of their colleagues sustained an injury in an accident and accuses Amrish of devaluing their lives. Amrish defends himself by stating that he had advised them to take the injured colleague to a renowned hospital, with all expenses paid for by their company. He asks what more they want. The worker demands a sum of 50 lakhs and Amrish’s resignation. Amrish points out that they have always provided compensation in such cases before, but the worker persists, claiming that they are treated like insignificant creatures and that Amrish must resign.

“Dhawal urges them to remain calm while Natasha observes the situation. The worker warns that they will be held hostage if they refuse to comply. After confiscating their phones, Natasha decides to take matters into her own hands and calls Hetal, relaying the entire situation. Upon hearing the news, Hetal agrees to help free the Makhwana brothers with the support of Pranali and Dolly. Realizing that peaceful communication won’t work, the worker begins destroying items in the office.”

The workers threaten Amrish. Natasha worries. Amba says we’ll go see the bahus. When she sees her bahus leave, she asks where they’re going. Hetal says Natasha called and said there was a problem at the site. Workers start beating Chirag and Dhawal. Amrish says stop it. A worker scolds Chirag. It comes back to Natasha that you took him to the hospital, but Amrish is not paying money. She goes to him and inquires about the injured worker.

Taking him to the hospital, the worker asks who are you. Amba says she might have done something, why would you go, I’ll go there, my children need me. The worker asks why you are requesting. Amba argues and asks them to come along. Natasha thinks who to ask for money, there is no way, I’ll contact Suman. Dolly said you had back aches, and if someone pushes you and your back breaks, your recovery will get slower at this age. Amba argues and asks them to come along.

She calls Suman. She says I want 50000rs. She asks Suman why and if everything is fine. Natasha says a worker got injured. Suman says to call Amrish. Natasha says no one is here, so please send the money. Chiku comes with Suman. He says I have a lot of work. She says Anil got injured on Amrish’s site, so I must send money for his treatment. Dhawal asks whether you are fine. Chirag nods.

My friends and Natasha came here as well. Shawal says, shall I contact them? He asks the worker to let him call. The worker scolds him. Amrish says enough now he will die, but he will not give any compensation or resign. You can do anything; don’t threaten me. The worker breaks a glass bottle and goes to Amrish. The brothers stop the worker and tell him to respect Amrish and speak sensibly.

In anger, Bhaven says, they can do whatever they want. You resign, just for a few days. Tell them I am the director. Amba scolds him. Bhaven tells him he is saying the right thing. Chirag says he finally told his feelings. Amrish shouts at Chirag. A worker asks them to sit quietly. He says give me half an hour, and your office and site will be ruined, and you will be burned along with it. Natasha worries seeing the protest. Amba and Bahus come. Natasha tells them everything. Amba is shocked.


Natasha scolds Dhawal for cheating her. She says she will see how you built your mall.

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