Pandya Store 16th September 2023 Written Episode: Family Dynamics and Unexpected Twists Unfold!

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with everyone dining. Hetal asks if Dhawal said anything to Amrish. Amrish asks Natasha to say something. He tells both of you…. Hetal says I told her not to do this. He asks why you refused. She made tasty food, and you must tell her what she doesn’t know. Despite our kitchen being separated, we made good food. Natasha smiles and says yes, Hetal will teach me well. Dhawal gets up. He says I’m not hungry. He leaves.

Pranali receives a call and expresses gratitude for the completion of her task, addressing the caller as “doctor.” She responds with a smile. Meanwhile, Natasha is waiting for Dhawal and engages in conversation with Suman. Upon learning that Mittu and Shesh have filled Suman in on the situation, she asks bluntly if there was a fight between Dhawal and Natasha. Natasha replies that he is upset and doesn’t join her in their room. Suman reassures them both, stating that every household has its customs and traditions. Later, Natasha attempts to reconcile with Dhawal by offering him coffee, but he turns away. She apologizes and leans on his shoulder, claiming that she will keep him informed about her actions from now on. However, Dhawal remains firm in his decision to follow Amrish and Amba’s wishes.

According to Natasha, my family practiced democracy, where everyone had a right to speak. On the other hand, Dhawal emphasizes the importance of discipline in our household and acknowledges Amrish’s efforts to improve our well-being. Despite this, he points out that disrespecting Amrish is unacceptable. Natasha reassures him by saying that his family is now her family as well. However, Dhawal remains firm by saying, “We will see.” Playfully, she teases him, and they dance together while “Maan jao…” plays in the background. There is a brief moment of tension as he pushes her away, but he ultimately smiles. The two then proceed to enjoy their coffee together. The next morning, Natasha emerges from the bathroom wearing a bath towel while Dhawal changes in the room. Upon seeing each other, they both scream in surprise.

They scream again. He sees the towel unwrapping. He runs to tuck it well. He tucks the towel. They have a moment. He gets a sheet and covers them. Tum kya mile…. plays…

He says, saving you as they fall on the bed. She asks what they’re doing. She says I should save our equation, sorry, I didn’t mean to insult the elders, I’m trying to understand the family, are you listening? He gets up. It’s my room as well. He asks how you came out. He wears his T-shirt. She says you were sleeping in a guest room; you could have used the washroom there, stubborn guy. She scolds him, and he leaves.

Bhaven has informed me that the transfer of 50 lakhs will take place today. The gentleman confirms this and notices Pranali’s presence before she leaves. Meanwhile, Amrish is on a call when he spots Natasha approaching him. He expresses his concern about not letting work come to a halt and reminds her that the store must be closed. Later, Pranali heads to a clinic where Bhaven follows her. Despite being pleased with the offer, Pranali explains that she can only commit to a few hours and cannot work full-time due to personal commitments. The doctor understands and offers her a salary of 1000rs per day. Pranali thinks about her sister’s needs and agrees to take up the job. Bhaven urges her to join him, but she is taken aback upon seeing him there.


As Bhaven asks Pranali to separate, they fight. Natasha comes home and gets shocked. Pranali falls down the stairs. Natasha says to Bhaven, “You’re going to jail now.”.

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