Kavya 25th January 2024 Written Episode: Kavya’s Heroic Act and Family Drama Unfolds!


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The Episode starts with Adi asking everyone to wait for Kavya, who will freshen up and join us for the Mu dikhai ceremony. He chants Jai Mata di before leaving. He then expresses concern over their safety, and Santu jokingly asks if she is supposed to dance now. Adi decides to take some action and tells everyone to stay hidden until he returns, as he has important matters to attend to. Alka vows to prove Kavya’s absence while she walks down the street alone. Adi appears and playfully teases her, but she scolds him. However, their anger soon becomes a smile upon seeing each other’s faces. Adi offers her a seat, and they exchange words before he takes her along with him on their way to see the judge.

Kavya meets the judge and complains about the police torturing innocent villagers. He says we’ll talk in the morning. Adi says the news will spread until the morning, and reporters will spice it up. I am Adhiraj Pradhan, a reporter for Aap Ki Awaaz, an online news service. Rajeev gets sad and recalls Kavya. Anjali comes and sees him crying and talking to Kavya’s picture.

Santu dances, catching Giriraj’s eye. As he watches, Santu suddenly dashes away. “Looks like Kavya isn’t at home,” Giriraj remarks, “but my talented daughter-in-law has made some delicious black color halwa.” He turns to Alka and asks her to prepare the dessert for their guests, but she seems unhappy. Meanwhile, Anjali urges Rajeev to join them for a meal. In a loud voice, she updates Mayank on Kavya’s well-being and how much she misses her father. Smiling, Rajeev joins in the meal. As they continue eating, Kavya and Adi bring a judge to the police station. With Kavya’s help, the man is exposed as a liar and admits his wrongdoing in front of everyone. Embarrassed by the incident, the judge reprimands the constable and apologizes to Kavya before sending the villagers home. Grateful for her contribution, he thanks her before they leave.

The villagers express their gratitude to Kavya, who then advises them to return home and care for themselves. With smiles, both Kavya and Adi acknowledge another win for the team. However, that’s when Giriraj calls. He tells Kavya to park her bike and talk to him because Alka is making halwa. He asks her not to worry, saying that he will apologize to the guests and explain that Kavya is outside and Alka made the dessert. Kavya listens intently as Giriraj assures her that she only needs to go to one place and he will handle everything else. Grateful, Kavya thanks Giriraj while Malini observes from a distance.

Adi and Kavya pray the aarti. Giriraj taunts Kavya. Kavya prays and says accept the prasad by my hands. Alka falls and drops the prasad. All are shocked.

The servant says Kajri and the villagers came to meet you. Adi says don’t worry; we’ll handle it. Mata will find a way. The servant says some villagers came to meet you. They thanked Kavya for saving them. Kajri says everything happened because of you. The man says we have nothing to give you. We have prepared these sweets at home; please accept them. She smiles and thinks Matarani has blessed me. Thanks. She thanks them and keeps the sweets as a meal.

As Giriraj watches, she distributes prasad to the gathering and admires the dolls. A smile spreads across her face at the sound of everyone praising Kavya. “My bahu is a diamond,” he chuckles. As Omi and Alka chat on the speaker, Adi quickly shuts it off. The lady inquires about Kavya’s family’s thoughts on the marriage. The group gossips about it until Kavya defends her family, explaining that they were invited but had prior commitments. Giriraj suggests meeting them at the reception party tomorrow to have a good time. However, he wonders how Kavya will prove herself as an exceptional daughter-in-law (A1 bahu).


When Adi asks where you are, Kavya asks if Rajeev came. Rajeev says no. Rajeev gets insulted at the party.

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