Pandya Store 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Natasha Faces Harsh Reality

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

Suman hugs Natasha as she tears. She says Natasha’s life will be exemplary: don’t worry, stay happy, and don’t cry. Natasha thinks I can’t put you at risk of a heart attack by telling the Makhwana family truths. They see the store breaking down. They cry. Natasha says I’m sorry. Chiku gets angry. He asks Natasha to leave. He says Gautam and Dhara’s son is enough to care for this family; I swear on Somnath, go from here. Otherwise, I’m not sure what to do.

Natasha sobs and exits the scene. Dhawal arrives, noticing the commotion. Natasha observes Dhawal’s arrival. Bansi converses with Amrish, exclaiming that their issue has been resolved and they should celebrate. Amrish agrees, inviting them for lunch. Bansi accepts on their behalf. Amrish congratulates them both. Dhawal inquires about Natasha’s tears. She points to the nearby Pandya store being demolished. The sight takes advantage of Dhawal. Chiku fumes at Dhawal and plots to ruin their reputation for witnessing the spectacle together. Dhawal demands answers as to who is responsible for the destruction.

Natasha takes him away, and Dhawal inquires about their need for him. Hetal and Dolly then proceed to discuss Natasha and Dhawal’s budding romance. At the same time, Amba envisions a future where she becomes their child’s grandmother through Amrish, who suggests treating Dolly’s father well, saying he will join them for lunch. Dolly expresses her gratitude towards Amrish with a hug, causing Amba to voice her concerns over the sudden change in plans. Amrish defends his decision by reminding them of how lucky they are to have Dolly as their daughter-in-law, mainly since her father played a role in saving their store from demolition. This revelation leaves everyone stunned.

Amrish says congrats, we can start the mall work soon. Hetal says I feel tension. I need to call Dhawal and ask about Natasha. It’s a big deal; they might be fighting. Chirag says relax. How will the new wall get built until the old one breaks? Focus on lunch. Bansi is coming. Natasha knew it, so she came back home. Amrish says she has signed it. Make great food for Bansi. Natasha calls Isha.

Amrish says get to work, and he’s coming on lunch. He hugs Amba and Chirag and says congrats. Dhawal says we should be there, not here, Suman needs us, come with me. Natasha says you won’t go anywhere. He says Suman needs us. Come with me. She says stop this drama, and I’m tired. She says stop the drama. She says you made me sign the papers yesterday, the mall partnership papers, not the order to break down the Pandya store. She shocked.

During the check-up, she scolds him. He asks if you have a heart that you promised me we would trust each other. He says you cannot break your promises, and I cannot always be wrong. You want me to trust you, okay, I trust you. Tell me who made me sign, who tried to break the Pandya store, Amrish, but he cannot be wrong; I’m wrong. Amrish did this, but your mind is blocked, and you cannot accept it.

She says everyone in your home is selfish, what all do you want? He says enough Natasha, don’t drag Amrish in this, Dolly got the file, Bansi would have kept the papers, Amrish will always be wrong for you. He says enough, I accepted your family, you couldn’t take them. She asks how shall I accept, you have broken Pandya store, it’s not your fault, it’s my mistake, I didn’t check the papers well, since you came into my life, it’s just bad things happened to me.

As the rain begins to fall, she expresses her disdain for him. Tears stream down her face while she repeatedly vocalizes her emotions. Eventually, she loses consciousness, and he rushes to her side, asking if she is alright. He cradles her in his arms and inquires about what transpired as he helps her up. She cries out for assistance, and he carries her to the hospital, where she eventually regains consciousness. Despite everyone’s attempts to comfort her, she insists on being left alone and rejects any medical treatment offered. The doctor intervenes by administering an injection while Dhawal reassures her that he will support her through this challenging time and promises to discuss their future at home. But as Natasha reflects on their situation, she realizes that their time together has ended and decides they cannot stay together any longer.


Amrish says I told you, you can’t separate me and my brother. Dhawal says it’s a divorce file, Natasha. She is shocked.

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