Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Vandana Agrees to Marry Kunal for Tara’s Sake

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the Episode begins, Kunal observes Tara sleeping peacefully. He reflects on how Sonia has caused chaos in his life and vows to protect Tara from harm. Recalling his recent proposal to Vandana, he wonders how she will respond. The following day, Vandana visits a temple and confides in her prayers about her love for Tara. She doubts being a good mother and admits her shortcomings in maintaining relationships. Feeling lost, she seeks guidance from above. Just then, Anupama arrives at the temple and converses with Vandana. Upon learning the situation, Anupama advises her to listen to her heart without worrying about others’ opinions.

Vandana admits, “I’m afraid I’ll fail.” Anupama reassures her, “Just listen to your heartbeat over the noise. Your fears will subside. Your heart is urging you to become Tara’s mother. Our hearts often know what we can’t hear.” Vandana reflects on her experience, “My mother wasn’t there for me. Although she had love in her heart, she gave it all to my elder brother. I only received her coldness. Seeing my friends’ mothers showing love made my heart ache, and I often cried for my mother’s affection. Thankfully, my father showered me with love.”

Anupama and Vandana discuss the love of a mother, with Anupama stating that it is always the same. Vandana reflects on her own experience, seeing the longing for maternal love in Tara’s eyes. She hesitates, feeling selfish for wanting to fulfill that role for her satisfaction. However, Anupama reassures her that this desire and consideration is a sign of a good mother. She reminds Vandana that she has a loving heart and that becoming a mother is beautiful. She encourages her to make decisions from her heart and to maintain this relationship with total dedication. Despite being a difficult choice, Anupama believes she will do well if she follows what feels suitable for her and her family. Ultimately, the decision rests with Vandana, as it is her life.

As they do the aarti together, they smile. Kunal comes to Vandana and asks her about marriage. She says you’re being selfish, this is for Tara, tell me what you want, you can refuse. Kunal smiles at her. She says I’m getting greedy; I’m ready for you to marry me; I’ll do anything for Tara; I’ll marry you. He thanks her and cries. Vandana says Tara might live without me, but I can’t live without her, it’s my selfishness and love, it’s my truth, I can do anything for her, I’ll marry you.

He says I can’t tell you, and it’s a big thing. She says promise me, Tara will stay with us. He says it’s my promise, Tara won’t go anywhere, no one can make her go away. We’re going to marry for Tara’s sake. Tara hears that and becomes happy. It’s morning, Kunal says Bobby, I have some critical work to do. Bobby says I’ll handle it because so many things are happening simultaneously.

As Kunal watches Vandana dry her hair, Vandana sees him. She says everything will be fine now. He goes to Vandana and says I have to go for urgent work, I have a request, I need your support, take care of Tara while I am away, Vedika and Bobby are also there. I’m here for Tara. He thanks her and leaves. Having taken a tough decision, Vandana isn’t sure what will happen to the family.


Upon meeting Vandana, Tara tells her I must call her mumma. Pammi says you cannot marry Vandana. Kunal says we have decided to marry. Pammi scolds Vandana. Vijay is angry with Vandana. He asks Vandana to cut ties with him if she wants to marry Kunal. Vandana is shocked.

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