Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd September, 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd Seeptember 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Vandana asking Aaji to bring her some food as she is feeling hungry. Vedika also brings food for Kunal, to which he expresses his gratitude. Pammi remarks on how quickly Vandana has settled in and mentions her own plans to intervene. Meanwhile, Kunal is seen enjoying his meal. Parisa questions him about his habit of getting angry and yelling. She shares her fear of him, as Nanu, Papa and now Kunal all have the tendency to raise their voices. Kunal reassures her by hugging her and promising never to shout at them. He then lightens the mood by chatting and laughing with Parisa. He informs her that he does not like getting angry but sometimes it becomes necessary due to certain circumstances. Vedika chips in by saying that one must learn to control their anger. In the midst of this conversation, Pammi suddenly shouts for Kuku, causing Kunal to abruptly leave the scene while calling out for Vandana who refuses to eat the food brought for her.

Vijay advises against leaving and insulting the food. Kunal questions why Vandana is not taking her work seriously. Vandana defends herself, reminding them that she had completed the work and they had seen it. Pammi points out that there were mistakes because of her haste. Kunal scolds Vandana, urging her to take 5 minutes to clean up the mess. Parisa mentions how well Mamu treats them, but also how he shouts at Vandana. Vedika agrees, acknowledging Mamu’s strong love for their father and expressing hope that he will one day understand their situation. Kunal then takes Kuldeep to show him the studio. Pammi asks why they have called the media back again.

Kunal says I called them this time. He says Vandana, you held my dad’s collar in front of the media, and you are standing here like a nobody today. He asks Bobby to make a viral video. Kuldeep asks who is this girl. Kunal says servant, my PA. Kuldeep says you hired her for our company. Kunal says she was looking for work.

Kuldeep says we have a responsibility towards the society. Vandana gets insulted. She stays calm. Vijay sees them from afar and thinks I was also insulted like Vandana is getting insulted now, so I won’t let this happen to her. Vandana stumbles as Pammi causes her. Kunal asks what you are doing. Kuldeep cuts the ribbon. They all enter the studio. Vijay signs Vandana to come. Aaji takes Vijay along with her.

Vaibhav and Murnal meet at the café. Murnal says she can’t tell you what we went through, Vandana fights with everyone. Vaibhav calls her. Mrunal says she likes to control everyone, including you. He gets angry. He checks Vandana’s missed calls. He doesn’t call back. He shows the flat’s photos. Mrunal says it’s good, I’m really happy for you. He holds his hand and smiles.

He says I have to go and take the mangalsutra. Mrunal says Vandana won’t come, you see. He asks why. She replies Kunal won’t let her come, she is his PA. You and your Aai will wait for her. She thinks of eating a guava. She feels hungry. She says I have to meet Vaibhav, he will get angry, my work is done, I can leave now.

Kunal asks him. He says wait outside, it’s my office. She leaves.

The precap:

Kunal and Vandana see Vaibhav with Mrunal while I went shopping with Vaibhav.

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