Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2023 Written Episode: Ishan’s Loyalty Divides Family, Savi’s Bold Move Shocks All!


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Bhosale Institute’s picture is shown to Ishan, who says he’s married to his work and college and does not wish to marry anyone. Surekha says she thought children would marry and bring happiness to the family, but neither Ishan nor Durva wants to marry. Durva walks in and says he can’t blame her always just because Savi complained about her. Ishan says Durva is still immature and acts foolishly regularly.

It is Ishan’s family that finds out that Savi insulted Shukla and Savi’s mother and that she and her friends burned the Ganapati pandal. The family is shocked to hear that. Durva says he blindly believes Savi, who has no evidence against her, and is accusing her. Nishi confronts Durva and says he doesn’t know about Ishan, but he is certain she and her friends burned the Ganpati pandal. Asmita says Durva humiliated her parents with her actions.

Ishan has changed since Savi entered his life and now follows her orders. She asks Surekha to get her married if she is a burden for them. She walks to her room crying. Surekha says Durva was right that Ishan was getting angry behind Savi and insulting family members who were taking Savi’s side. Ishan asks why she visited Savi in her hostel room. Surekha says to ensure Savi is settled in her hostel room and the door works properly.

Ishan says Surekha is worried about their college students, and he’s concerned about his students and college as well. He’s mentoring Savi for UPSC, believing she’ll get fame for their college. Ishan imagines Reeva at night and misses her. As Reeva hugs him, Ishan forgets about his first love and tells his family he doesn’t want to marry anyone else. He tells her he needs her. She gets a call and disappears. Ishan feels sad.

She plans a Navratri celebration at college and asks friends who perform ghat sthapana every year. Friends say Surekha, madam. Savi recalls Shukla’s mother’s insult and gets an idea. Surekha attempts to select a sari for tomorrow’s function. Yashwant presents her with a sari and a traditional nose ring and asks her to wear it tomorrow.

Savi hosts the event the next day and announces that Surekha performs ghat sthapana every year, but she requests that Shukla’s amma do it this year. Everyone is shocked. Ishan confronts her. She explains that she organized women’s stalls in the pandal to show how women are self-sufficient and confident, to show respect to Shukla’s mother, and to prove her point. Ishan readily accepts her idea and requests Shukla’s amma to do the honors.

A minister praises Yashwant for making a positive change in his college, and Surekha agrees without hesitation. Ishan and Savi hold Shukla’s amma’s hands as they take her to the stage, where she performs ghat sthapana. Isha is envious of Shantanu, and he wishes she could have noticed her student and son’s great performance.


Ishan waits for Savi to take her exam. Prateek informs him that Savi has gone to play dandiya with Inspector Bajirao. She returns with Baji to talk about how she won the Dandiya competition. Having already told Savi to prepare for an exam at midnight, Ishan asks where she is. Bajirao says it was not her fault. Ishan says he is talking to Savi, then the student, and walks holding her hand as he walks. Savi stops him.

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