Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th January 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Jagtap calls Sai and informs him that Vada Pav tried to get Vinu’s information from the orphanage, but could not access password-protected data on Anandi’s laptop. Savi tries to cheer up Karishma by showing her toys and asking her for food. She gets emotional thinking about where her Vinu must be. Savi video chats with Vinayak. Vinayak notices Karishma sitting beside Sai and asks if that is Karishma.

During their conversation, Omkar overhears and provokes Bhavani that Sai supports Karishma and keeps her at her house. Bhavani curses Sai and says she will force Mohit to divorce Karishma to save the dignity of the family. When Virat takes Mohit to Sai’s house, Karishma opens the door. Mohit is shocked to see her. Bhavani tells Sonali to call Mohit right now and force him to divorce Karishma.

Bhavani says Sai hovered over them then, and she doesn’t want Karishma to adopt a baby like Pakhi did and dump him/her over them. She asks Sonali if she will accept an unknown baby as her grandchild.

As Sonali stands silently, Bhavani urges her to inform Mohit of his wife’s behaviour. Mohit accuses Karishma of leaving him for her boyfriend and miscarrying the child; he does not know whose child it was. Sai says men always tag women, while women always know who the father of their baby is.

As she emotionally describes what a woman goes through and urges Mohit to support his wife before he repents for not doing so, Virat listens silently to her. Sai again asks Mohit to support his wife or else he will lose her. She suggests Mohit and Karishma go inside and speak while she and Virat wait outside.

As Mohit and Karishma enter a room, Virat tells Sai that he feels that she’s questioning him. Sai says it’s too late for that now. No matter how late it is, the questions remain the same; he recalls when she left home and met with an unfortunate accident and no one was there to help.

Virat asks why she is reminding him of his most painful moment and making him realize he lost his son. Sai replies that he cannot understand her pain; otherwise, he wouldn’t have refused to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja.

Virat says he requested her to perform pooja, but she cannot forget her son and will do pooja at any cost. Sai asks if he forgot their son, is it so easy for him to forget his son, but she can’t forget her son? Sai says it’s her right and nobody can stop her from performing pooja tomorrow. I hope he will reveal the truth.

He thanks Sai for helping them, even though his family warned her not to do so. He tells Virat that Karishma will stay back at Sai’s house and rest, he will take care of her. Mohit returns home with Virat. Omkar asks where he was. Mohit asks what happened. Omkar shouts angrily if he knows where his wife is.

Sonali asks if Mohit doesn’t remember what Sai did to him and Karishma and our family. Mohit says he knows she is at Dr Sai’s house and he met her. In reality, Sai did not do anything, but he is equally at fault along with Karishma and has decided to rectify his mistake and bring Karishma back home.

Mohit says it would be his decision whether to continue his marriage with Karishma or not. Bhavani frowns. The next day, Sai visits the temple to perform Vinu’s punya tithi pooja. Vinayak noticed her, asked Virat to stop the car, and walked towards her when a car crashed into him. Virat realized it was his nightmare and walked towards Vinu, who is sleeping.

If Sai performs their alive son’s pooja, he will not let anything bad happen to Vinu.

Ashwini informs Virat that Pakhi and Vinu are missing after Sai gives Virat 72 hours to inform them that Vinu is Sai’s son.

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