Faltu 25th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

She gets shocked when Vishal says what is shown in the video is true. He says Faltu tried to come close to me so that I would help her make her career. He asks why would I call you there, Don’t blame me to save yourself. Kanika laughs. Ayaan and Tanisha arrive at the airport.

Kanika sees Vishal and remembers bribing him. She demands 50 lakhs to settle Faltu’s matter. Vishal goes lying about Faltu. He says she only knows cheap tricks, not cricket. Ayaan gets a call. Tanu worries. She asks him to come. Ayaan answers. Sid taunts him. Ayaan says don’t call on this number again. Sid asks him for news.

Faltu is insulted, and expelled from the academy, you don’t care, you go on a honeymoon, she was ruined while saving your respect, watch the video, and you will understand. She asks what happened. Kanika says Vishal and the girls told you your intentions, so you are right and everyone else is wrong. I had many expectations from you, you disappointed me, you can’t stay here, and I don’t want other girls to follow your example.

Faltu says you know me, call Tanisha, she will take my side. Kanika says her flight would have taken off, you have to leave the academy, you have to pack up and leave. After Faltu leaves, Mittals see the video and say she isn’t such a wrong girl. Sumitra says Ayaan will go mad if he sees this video. Savita says don’t tell Ayaan about it, we don’t know what Faltu did, she broke our trust,

Ayaan won’t be told anything, so everything should be fine. He asks Sumitra to tell Sid not to tell Ayaan anything. Sumitra agrees. Faltu is rusticated. Vishal says Faltu deserves what she got. Faltu sits crying. Ayaan sees the news and is shocked. He says she deserves it.

Ayaan is asked to come by Tanu. Sid says Ayaan would go mad in anger, it’s time to use the video, he’ll see it and I won’t have to do anything. The video is handed to Ayaan. Sid calls him and says to check the final proof, it’s my gift to him. He checks the video and is shocked.

As Ayaan cries and Faltu is questioned by the media, he leaves the airport and rushes to the academy. I will not spare anyone who has broken my faith, I will fight all those who played this cheap game with me, Vishal was involved, and those behind this will also be exposed, and I will find out who will stop me from returning to the academy.

Kanika asks Tanisha did you board the flight. Tanisha says no, Ayaan left from here, he saw the news video, and he wanted to go to Switzerland. Charan comes there. Faltu sees them. Charan says these chawl guys showed me the video, tell me what happened. I will find out who did this, then I will return back to the academy. He says I know my daughter well. Tanisha says Ayaan spoke to me, he said sorry to me, he has gone to the academy to meet Faltu.

Ayaan doesn’t see Faltu leaving. Kanika gets angry seeing Ayaan. Ayaan asks how can you point a finger at Faltu’s character, I have seen the video; it doesn’t prove anything. She’s not characterless, Vishal is. I know him well, I’m sure he did this to trap her in love. Vishal shouts Ayaan.


Until I clean my image, Faltu says, I won’t return to the village, I will return to the academy until I clean my image.

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