Faltu 12th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 12th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

In this episode, Dadi urges Ayaan to return home, but he expresses his mistrust towards Ruhaan. Sumitra suggests sending divorce papers to Faltu for Ayaan’s happiness, causing an argument within the family. Janardhan discovers divorce papers filed by Ayesha against Kinshuk, adding to the family’s concerns. Ayaan seeks guidance from Guru ji, who assures him that the police visited the ashram to search for a girl. Guru ji informs Ayaan about the upcoming Shiv Parvati play and suggests attending it. Meanwhile, Ruhaan angrily interrogates someone over the phone, desperately trying to find Faltu’s whereabouts.

Faltu continues practising her lines for the play, while Ayaan, who feels a connection to her presence, searches his room and finds a food plate. The man organizing the play expresses difficulty in finding another actor for the role of Shiv. Faltu approaches Guru ji seeking advice, and he offers her support and suggests contacting her family. Suddenly, they hear a commotion outside and rush to investigate. Ayaan also heads in that direction.

Janardhan grows concerned for Kinshuk and Ayesha, while Dadi suggests talking to Ayesha about her actions. Sumitra expresses disappointment in Govind for not meeting her expectations. Tanu suggests that Kinshuk spend some time with Ayesha to resolve their issues. The police arrive, revealing that they have apprehended some thieves. Faltu contemplates speaking to Charan about her situation. Ayaan discusses the commotion with Guru ji, who explains that the police have caught some criminals. A lady approaches Faltu and shares her own story of leaving her troubled in-laws to seek refuge in the ashram. Faltu feels grateful for the lady’s understanding. The family discusses their plan to talk to Ayesha’s family and find a resolution.

Kinshuk expresses his frustration and decides to sign the divorce papers, showing his unwillingness to reconcile with Ayesha. Ayaan attends the preparations for the play and saves a lady from an accident involving a falling trident (trishul). Shashank, who witnesses this act, observes Ayaan closely.


Faltu gets ready to play the role of Parvati, while Ayaan takes on the role of Shiv. Ruhaan arrives at the ashram and sees Faltu and Ayaan on stage together.

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