Faltu 22nd June, 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 22nd June 2023 written episode update on worldofentertainment.in

As Ruhaan gets Tanu’s message, Faltu comes to meet Shanaya. Faltu asks are you okay. Ruhaan says she is mad at you. Shanaya gets up. Faltu asks can’t you take care of yourself.

Faltu pleads, “Please try to understand, this is not my home. I cannot stay here.” Shanaya says we will make this your house, you and Ruhaan get married, Ayaan is bad. Faltu scolds her.

Faltu says I came to check on you, don’t say anything like that. Daima says she’s a kid, she’s sick, and you are scolding her. Faltu argues. Ruhaan says talk to Shanaya well.

The Faltu says we were doing something wrong, so this had to happen. Shanaya says Ayaan did it because he was jealous of me because you spent more time with me. Faltu calms her down. If she wasn’t helpless, then this wouldn’t have happened. Ayaan is furious, we didn’t leak this news, he didn’t know, and he left Cricket in anger, I can’t keep the friendship, he’s my life, and I can’t cheat him. Take care of yourself for the sake of those who love you.

Ruhaan stops Faltu, Shanaya can’t go, she asks Ruhaan. Tanu stands and watches. Ruhaan says what’s so special about Ayaan that I don’t have, I can buy five men like Ayaan, I can do anything for Shanaya’s sake. Tanu records them. Ruhaan is slapped and scolded by Faltu.

They argue. He says I came to take revenge on Janardhan, but I stopped because of you; I will not leave you all now. Tanu smiles. It is morning, and Ayaan is on call. Tanu walks to him.

Ruhaan called me yesterday and asked about Faltu. He asks what he asked. She asks him to hear the recording. She says she has no right to speak, but I can’t hide anything from you.

Tanu states, “I have changed, and that’s why I’ve come to you.” Ayaan says No, Faltu can’t do this, it’s a lie. He gets Ruhaan and Faltu’s video. He is shocked. She asks what happened, calms down and is strong.

Ayaan would have woken up by now, why didn’t he come and ask about Ruhaan? He would have received the note. Tanu says I used Ruhaan’s voice and made the fake audio, Faltu.

Amar says you made everyone’s favorite food today. Ayaan asks for breakfast. Faltu asks can I come along with you, please take me along. Ayaan shouts on Amar. Amar apologizes. Faltu asks what happened. Don’t touch me with the hands you touched Ruhaan with, Ayaan says.

Faltu inquires, “What are you saying?” He continues, “Enough! Don’t pretend to be innocent. I’m not a fool. You must have spent a pleasant night with Ruhaan.”

I wrote you a note. Ayaan asks how I didn’t get it. He scolds her, asks Janardhan and Govind to come. Kanika asks Tanu to come fast. Tanu says no, they’ll think I’m on your side, so I need to be with the family. Kanika says I’m nervous, I need your help. Tanu says I’m always with you, try to understand, I must be here. Kanika leaves.

Sid and Kanika arrive at the court. Media asks her questions. She says she will answer them in court. They leave. Sid thanks the lawyer, Janardhan says yes, thanks for supporting us, Ayaan says I will get back our house and business. Media arrives.

As Ayaan declares, “We are happy. We received justice from the court, regained our house and business. We don’t need anything else,” he embraces Janardhan. Govind remarks, “It’s a sweet moment,” and proceeds to call and order sweets. Ruhaan arrives, provoking Ayaan’s anger.


As Kanika is arrested, Tanu begs Ayaan to punish her. Ayaan says Kanika will get punished. Tanu gets angry and says you all will pay.

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