Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

As soon as Pallavi assures Rhea that she will unite her with Ranbir, Aaliya raises the concern of Ranbir’s marriage to Prachi. Pallavi dismisses the legitimacy of that marriage, stating that she will not repeat the same mistake. She vows to remove Prachi from their lives and keep Ranbir solely with Rhea. With a promise made, she embraces Rhea, wearing a triumphant smile.

Divya and her sister affirm their support for Bhabhi (Pallavi). Vishaka inquires if they are prepared for the upcoming events. Akshay asks why they are trying to frighten them.

You will know now how much flour and pulses cost. Prachi remembers playing the ring-finding ritual with Ranbir and a Facebook is shown. Ranbir says he will win. Prachi gets the ring for the first time, then says he has three chances. Prachi gets it again and tells him she will rule.

As he kisses her on the cheeks and asks her to kiss him, Ranbir says that it is a win-win situation for both of them. Prachi asks him to leave her. He gets upset and says I’ll kiss myself as I look at the mirror. He is upset. Prachi blows on the candles and sets them off. She then comes close to him and applies his tilak to her forehead. The flashback ends.

Akshay happens to find the ring. Divya questions Prachi, suggesting that she is merely sitting there to win. Manpreet interjects, clarifying that Prachi did not place her hand in the bowl and Akshay took the ring himself. Prachi confirms that Akshay agreed with her statement. Manpreet proudly declares herself as Prachi’s mother now. Ashok asserts his support for his son. Meanwhile, Akshay longs for Mihika. Mihika instructs the driver to speed up.

She sees Ranbir drinking on the side of the road, but cannot see his face. She sees a car coming and shouts for help. She sees bikers who tease her and ask her to sit on their bikes.

A biker throws the taxi driver’s phone, which fell near Ranbir. Ranbir says he couldn’t drink peacefully. The goon holds Mihika’s hand and tells her they will go to the same place. Mihika shouts for help.

Mihika tells Ranbir the goon holds her hand. Ranbir asks her to slap him. Mihika slaps him. Ranbir tells her to slap him hard. He slaps him hard.

The driver hurls a stick at Ranbir in response to his remark about kidnapping someone if he were the boss. Mihika questions if he is their boss, having overheard their conversation about the boss being somewhere and drinking. Ranbir clarifies, saying, “I am not the boss. I was merely having drinks with Prachi.”

Taking the bike, Ranbir hits them. He then sits on the bike and tells the goons the girl is his wife. He hits them with the bike and asks Mihika if she is alright. The goons sit on the bike again and ride around.

Divya and the other girls encourage Prachi to emerge victorious. Manpreet announces that Prachi has indeed won. Vishaka instructs them to proceed with the ritual. Akshay discovers the ring and hands it over to Prachi. Vishaka asks Akshay to search again. The search resumes, and once again, Akshay presents a ring to Prachi.

Akshay realizes something and requests Vishaka to come closer. Vishaka playfully pulls his ear and accuses him of intentionally ensuring Prachi’s victory. Akshay explains that his own triumph lies in his wife’s success. Abhay expresses his agreement.

Divya and the girls inform Ashok that they will support Bhabhi (Pallavi). Ashok calls Mihika, humorously remarking that he has become a devoted husband (joru ka ghulam). Manpreet prepares to leave, but Vishaka asks her to escort Prachi to the room.

Akshay is asked not to be joru ka ghulam, but to be a man by Vishaka.

Abhay asks Akshay who that guy who sat on the mandap in your place was. As Ranbir is tired, he asks the bikers to leave. The goons leave, then return and strike Ranbir with a brick and leave. Mihika thinks she should take him home, as he referred to her as his wife.

She says they have already decorated the room. She says Mihika is coming so that is enough. They ask Prachi to sit on the bench and cover her head with the veil.

As Prachi sits on the bed, the girls ask Akshay for her nek. She says it is her sister’s nek and asks him to give it to her or she will call him Bua. Manpreet says I thought you would support me. He says I have another daughter now. Akshay says he is tired. The girls tease him. He is asked to give them nek and go to the bride by Manpreet.


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