Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Manpreet advises the girls against teasing their brother and requests Akshay to give a gift to his sister (nek). Divya suggests that he should sleep in the guest room. Akshay agrees to offer them a gift. However, Divya playfully takes his wallet and teases him. Manpreet intervenes, urging them not to tease him.

Divya says we get a chance only once to tease him and tells him to go inside and sleep. Akshay sits on the bed. Prachi lifts her veil. He asks if I shall bring you food. Prachi says no. Akshay asks her why she didn’t perform the grah pravesh rasam properly.

She says, “I have already told you about Bua and her faith in these rituals and traditions.” I also have to pretend to be tired in front of Mom.” He responds, “Newlyweds are expected to participate in these rituals.” Prachi acknowledges this fact, but questions, “How can I fulfil these obligations when our marriage isn’t real, and we are not truly married? How am I supposed to do it?”

Prachi tells Akshay that she feels as though she is using him to get her daughter as she stopped us midway through getting married. A FB is shown, and Prachi tells Akshay that she feels as if she is using him. He explains, “When I proposed to you, it didn’t signify my intention to make you my wife. My actions were driven by my desire to help you win Khushi’s heart.”

She says she cannot become your wife because she still has feelings for her husband. Akshay says he wants to see you happy, and he gets happy when people call him her husband. “I won’t apply sindoor to your hairline, and I won’t make you wear a sacred thread,” he states firmly. Prachi replies, “Once we establish a friendship, we can then present ourselves as husband and wife in front of everyone.”

I stopped the rounds when 5 rounds were completed since Akshay claims we didn’t take rounds, and I was counting if the rounds would complete by mistake, so I stopped the rounds. Prachi says that’s why you said that. He says I didn’t force you to wear mangalsutra. Prachi says I wore it myself when you stuck it in my necklace.

He explains, “When I held the sindoor in my hand, it was you who filled your own maang with sindoor. I was merely holding it.” Prachi expresses her concern, questioning how she could partake in the rituals if she couldn’t go through with the marriage.

Akshay responds, “I understand.” Prachi acknowledges his selflessness, stating that he sacrificed his own life for her, enabling a mother to reunite with her daughter. She admits to not knowing how to repay such a gesture. Akshay assures her, saying that in friendship, there are no thank yous, apologies, or obligations. He emphasizes that they are unique to each other, and their friendship is also unparalleled.

He extends his hand for a handshake, and Prachi reciprocates by holding his hand. Akshay’s eyes well up with tears as they both become emotional. Prachi acknowledges the moment and steers the conversation towards Khushi, emphasizing that Khushi holds immense significance in her life. Akshay reveals his commitment to making a significant sacrifice for Khushi’s sake. When he discovers that his phone is turned off, he decides to call Mihika.

Meanwhile, the taxi driver drops Mihika off at the Tandon house, remarking on the well-decorated appearance of the house. Mihika accompanies Ranbir inside. Akshay inquires if he can use the washroom, to which Prachi responds by saying that it is his room, allowing him to proceed there.

Ranbir’s house help Neeti is asked by Prachi if Ranbir reached home. Neeti congratulates her and tells her he didn’t. Prachi asks her not to tell Ranbir or anyone else at home that she had called. Mihika is about to ring the doorbell. He informs Mihika that the hero’s phone is ringing and mentions that he had saved her number. Prachi has called Mihika, but just as Mihika is about to answer the call, it abruptly ends. The driver suggests that she take him to the room.

It is Prachi’s belief that Ranbir will come here if he finds out that I am thinking about him. He will come here because he is Ranbir, and he won’t see the time or circumstances, because he is Ranbir, and he is mad. As she loves him and can’t survive without him, she says she cares about him and loves him a lot.

He will know that my heart was broken when he got married, and he will not know I love him dearly, and there is no end to our love, he is in our soul and cannot be removed. I am not with Ranbir, she says, as he is officially and legally a member of Rhea.

With the driver’s help, Mihika guides Ranbir inside the room, glancing at Prachi who is already seated on the bed as she follows Ranbir’s footsteps. She says she won’t think about him because he is from Rhea. She says she won’t even feel him near her.

After feeling his presence and turning, Prachi opens the door and looks outside. She comes outside, but doesn’t see the driver and Mihika taking Ranbir from there. Prachi begins walking. Akshay approaches and asks if she needs anything. She replies no and returns to her room.

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