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Faltu Episode Update

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He asks Janardhan what he is thinking. He says don’t worry, he can’t do anything. Ayaan is arguing with Ruhaan. He threatens him and leaves. Ayaan says don’t worry. It is Janardhan’s belief that Faltu should forgive Faltu because she cares a lot about our family, and when you were in jail, she was worried about you. I know she made a mistake, but she did it for her family.

Savita inquires Dadi about the news. Faltu exclaims, “We’ve won!” and everyone smiles. Kinshuk remarks, “They’re bringing sweets. They went to the office to meet the staff.” Dadi engages in prayer. Faltu retreats to her room and sheds tears. She expresses her regret, saying, “I wouldn’t have played with Shanaya if you had informed me earlier. Why didn’t you tell me before?” However, now everything is fine.

Sid says I don’t know how to tell Tanu about Kanika’s 7-year jail sentence. Sumitra says go and tell her. Tanu calls Kanika. She worries. Sid arrives. Tanu asks about Kanika. He says she got punished with 7 years in jail. Tanu asks what happened. He states, “I’m unaware of how Ayaan acquired the evidence.” She inquires about their mother’s whereabouts.

She embraces Tanu and expresses, “I wanted to see you, so I came.” Tanu responds, “No, you’re not going anywhere.” Kinshuk urges Amar to distribute sweets to the neighbours. Dadi and Kinshuk request Faltu to apologize to Ayaan. The police apprehend Kanika. Sid contacts a lawyer and instructs him to arrange bail for Kanika.

Tanu tells Sid, “Call the lawyer.” Sid replies, “I spoke to him, and he said bail isn’t possible. Kanika has to go to jail.” The inspector arrives to take Kanika into custody. Tanu exclaims, “Mom won’t go!” and breaks down in tears. Sid reassures and comforts her. Savita performs aarti for Ayaan and Janardhan. She expresses joy, saying, “I’m so pleased that Kanika received punishment.” Faltu presents sweets to Ayaan, but he ignores her and engages in conversation with Savita.

He declares, “You managed to save Dadi, but they failed to save your mother. They harbour hatred towards us.” Janardhan observes, “Ayaan refuses to listen to me, and Faltu is profoundly saddened.” Dadi concurs, stating, “Yes.” Sid advises, “Take a sip of water.” He turns to Tanu and encourages her, saying, “Have some water.” He restates, “You saved Dadi, but they failed to save your mother.”

“I didn’t make a mistake; Faltu did it for us,” Ayaan declares. Tanu responds, “No, she committed a major crime.” Faltu asks, “What did I do?” Tanu admits, “My mom was in the wrong, and she went to jail. Shouldn’t I feel bad for her?”

Tanu expresses, “We will keep trying unless they accept us.” Sid disagrees, stating, “No, they hate us,” and he departs. Determined, Tanu declares, “I have to destroy this family.” She proceeds to make a phone call. Amar enters and informs her about the arrival of the media. Ayaan contacts her and requests her to handle the media. Tanu reiterates, “We will keep trying unless they accept us.”


Faltu can no longer play cricket now, Ayaan says. I have told the truth, I am a witness against her.

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