Faltu 13th December Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

He says I will marry you. She gets angry and says, Pappi Kaku, I will see you today. She recalls Charan. She beats up Pappi with a heavy bucket. She gets a rolling pin and beats him more.

She tells Sid that he will be arrested, tying the man up. Faltu is nervous and Sid asks him what is wrong. When Faltu does not know what to say, Sid offers to call Ayaan for help. She declines and says they need to go somewhere instead. When they reach their destination, she shows him Pappi claiming to have beaten him after he tried to kidnap her. As recognition sets in, Sid remembers that he had come home on another day trying to do the same thing. She then suggests getting Harsh and Govind but Sid wonders why she is there in the first place.

Pappi tries to start an argument with him, but Ayaan notices Bua and calls for Faltu. The latter appears and then tells Ayaan that Pappi had come trying to kidnap her in the guise of a cook. Ayaan informs her that he is gone now. She reveals she has tied him up, urging them to go and take a look. Upon arriving at the spot, they see Sid is tied up and hurt. When asked who did this by Ayaan, Sid remembers how Pappi had threatened him earlier demanding to be let free. He decides not to tell Ayaan the truth and lies instead. Ayaan then helps him get up while Faltu inquires if Sid had fought for her sake. He responds positively before thinking of inviting her over for a party once he is feeling better again.

Ayaan is looking out for Sid. Govind then states that he will ensure the culprits are thrown in prison. The man mentions that Pappi has kidnapped their head cook and they were helpless. Ayaan suggests getting the police involved but Faltu claims it’s not a good look with everyone here for the marriage, Bua adds that Pappi can even get into their room. Sid is worried about being beaten up again yet Ayaan assures that she has it covered, agreeing with Govind who doesn’t think they should call the police, knowing Janardhan could be angry. He plans to increase security until after the wedding then figure out what to do regarding Pappi.

Bua signs Ayaan. Bua asks Faltu to go along. Ayaan says Dadi called me for some work. He goes too. Sid looks on. Ayaan thanks someone over the phone. Faltu says I lost the big chance. Ayaan says I spoke to my friend, we have 30 minutes more. Ayaan asks Bua to come with Alok, they should be there in puja. Ayaan asks who will go to drop Faltu now, avoid this rasam. Bua says don’t worry, I will try. Faltu says no. He asks her not to say anything.

She states that the misbehaviour can’t be ignored, Bua and Alok finally returned home after a while, Bua refuses to condone the actions in Dadi’s house. Bua proclaims someone must accompany you, you can’t travel by yourself. Faltu remarks that he’ll go with me if I provide him money. Ayaan argues Pappi is in close vicinity so there is no way he’ll risk it, he won’t let me go alone as I am his responsibility. He gets asked how long will this last till when. She explains right away that getting married tomorrow he must not think about such scenarios. Bua adds she is capable enough to fight on her own and Ayaan agrees to it eventually.

She hires an auto rickshaw. She asks him not to take her from shortcuts. He says not every man is wrong, don’t worry, I’ll drop you safely. She says you look like a nice man. She recalls Ayaan. She says I have tricked someone in the village, he is showing me the right way today, he is now very special to me. Ayaan worries. Bua asks how long you will worry about Faltu, she has esteem.

He says it’s right to encourage her and send her alone when Pappi is nearby; I promised her father that I’ll look out for her. Despite her assurance that nothing will happen, he insists on being concerned. To which she retorts – if you’re already fulfilling your responsibility, why can’t she go ahead with the match? He states that while she should be safe, there comes a time when the truth must come out; when she gets selected into a team of 16 players, then they’ll part ways.

Her prayer is that she will get to the stadium on time. The driver asks her not to worry, is she a cricketer. She replies yes, it’s a team selection match today. He asks if your family isn’t there, but she says no, I have to handle it alone. As soon as she receives Bua’s call, she says she will reach the stadium in five minutes, don’t worry, I’ll let you know later, and tell Ayaan as well. Bua says you should rest now. Ayaan says I will sit with Tanisha. Bua says to stop.

Janardhan asks why you are going to the women’s cricket academy. Tanisha likes the jewellery. Kanika suggests Savita start her jewellery line. Savita says no, house duties. Kanika says I have to go there. She says sorry, “I forgot to tell you, the sports minister is a family friend, he offered me the position of association president and I accepted it.

His response is, “I’m not sure what’s so special about that game, why did he choose you?” She explains that he wanted someone with a business sense. Kanika says she’s sorry, I have to leave Tanisha alone in the function, 16 girls will be selected today. Tanisha says wow, work is more important for you. Kanika says no, I’ll be back in an hour, I love you.

She leaves. Janardhan gets upset. Bua says don’t go to meet Tanisha. Ayaan asks what you want. Bua says haldi is done, you can’t meet the bride now. He says right, I forgot. She asks him to smile and not worry. He says I will be in tension when dad knows I’m helping Faltu become a cricketer.

The precap:

When Kanika sees Faltu, she asks Shukla ji about her. Shukla replies that Faltu has come here for selection.

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