Faltu 4th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Charan and Pratap meet Faltu. She hugs them and cries. She says she got the villagers’ curse, she lost her sight. Charan asks Asha to help Faltu. Ayaan and Tanisha sit for the rasam of ring finding. Everyone cheers for them. Sid gets angry. Ayaan is lost. Bua worries after seeing him and prays. Asha says she came at night in a bridal dress, with sindoor in her maang, and she may have a lot to tell you. She will leave. Charan asks Faltu what happened.

She explains everything to them. She explains how I lost my sight and fled from there because I didn’t want to burden Ayaan. Charan wonders about the indoor. During the chaos, sindoor would have gotten into her hairline on its own. Tanisha finds the ring. Kinshuk says even Ayaan lost. She says no husband can win over his wife. Janardhan says he lost intentionally to make her happy, I know.

It would be nice if you understand your son, Bua thinks. Kumkum and everyone praise Ayaan. Kanika asks if I should take the kids to rasam. Kinshuk jokes. Savita says stop crying now, Charan says I will see that Pappi now. Faltu says no, Lord will see him. He asks her to lighten her heart. Kanika says Tanisha’s memories will always be in my heart. Charan asks since when Faltu says ever since a few months, the doctor explained to me that I can tolerate everything, but not see you in trouble.

Harsh asks Faltu to come home. Faltu says even Charan doesn’t know who Faltu is. Ayaan asks Harsh about Faltu. Faltu says even Charan doesn’t know who Faltu is. Pratap and Charan worry about her. Charan consoles her. He says a husband is the only one who can fill a wife’s maang. Faltu worries. Angoori beats Lajwanti. Angoori asks Ratan if Pappi has married Faltu. Ratan says no, she has run away. She asks what. Kanika asks Ayaan to feel free to ask, the entire staff is ready to help him. Jamuna comes in and argues with Angoori.

She asks Ayaan and Tanisha to get ready. Tanisha says she is so loving. Ayaan says single parents are such. She says yes, you tell me one thing, you are worried about Faltu, right. He says yes, thanks for understanding me. She says I love you and hugs him. He recalls Faltu and makes Tanisha leave. Kanika and Tanisha go to Kanika’s house. The doctor looks at Faltu’s eyes. He asks them to meet Dr. Monica. Faltu thanks him for his help. Kanika is with his friends.

Guru ji asks Ayaan and Tanisha to visit the temple. Ayaan says they may be late, Tanisha says it’s fine. Kanika asks what’s wrong. Guru ji says the stars weren’t in good alignment at Tanisha’s marriage. Kanika worries.


As Faltu meets Ayaan in the temple, he misunderstands her seeing the sindoor and scolds her for marrying Pappi.

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