Kumkum Bhagya 24th February, 2023 Written Update

Prachi comes in front of Payal’s car and apologizes. Payal says it wasn’t the driver’s fault, I was crying. Prachi asks her to drink water and asks what the problem is. As the only earner in the family, Payal says that her boss fired her. She says she does not want charity, but rather her hard-earned money. She claims he liked my work and promoted me. Prachi asks then why he fired you? I worked until late after he asked me to.

She says yesterday night, he wanted to come closer to me. She says when I refused, he fired me today. Prachi says she can’t bear this. She asks her to come with her to PS, saying women must not remain silent, and they must raise their voices against him. She calls the driver, who takes Payal’s stuff into the car. Prachi asks him to take them to PS. Payal and Prachi arrive at PS together.

When he says I’m lying or accuses me of something, she says I don’t want to file a complaint. She tells the Inspector that Payal’s boss tried to molest her. She asks her if she wants him to do it with another girl. It was her boss who tried to molest her. She ran away from him. She says she collided with Prachi last night. She says he fired her today.

Prichi tells him she is the sole earner of the household, and that maybe he has abused many girls before. Inspector says the guilty will be punished, and asks the constable to file the police report. Payal informs the Constable that she is employed at Walia Industries and that her boss molested her. Prachi comes back and signs as a witness. Payal tells Inspector that he might have gone home. Inspector says he will get his address. He asks Payal to come with him.

In a conversation with his boss about Kaya, Ranbir tells him she is out of Delhi, and he is relieved. He says she is good but unpredictable. He says she is good at heart but irritating. He ends the call and opens the door. He sees the Police team standing on the door. Payal asks the Driver to stop the car. Payal says yes, Sir used to call me here for meetings. Prachi gets down and wonders if the house has been sold and if someone else used to live here.

Suddenly, she sees the Kohli Mansion board. Inspector says, Ranbir Kohli. Ranbir confirms that he is Ranbir Kohli. Inspector says you must accompany me to PS, as there are charges against you. Ranbir asks what I did do? Inspector says someone accused me of molestation.

The inspector says she has accused you, and Prachi Arora brought her to PS to complain against you. Ranbir says, Prachi.

Ranbir sees Prachi standing and looks shocked. Prachi also looks shocked. Payal tells him that Prachi’s office is in our building. Ranbir says it wasn’t an illusion.

Ranbir says I didn’t know you were alive and standing in front of me. Prachi asks if you had known, then wrong would have become right. Prachi says I don’t want to talk to you.

She says Prachi Maam is helping her, you have done wrong with me. Prachi asks how a woman can bear so much. Ranbir says I was right, you were in the hotel. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Ranbir says you have betrayed me so much. Prachi asks what would have happened if I had told you. Ranbir says I would have handled it. Inspector says if she had told you, then you would have been alerted, and you would have left.

You are misinterpreting what we are talking about. Prachi says you have done wrong with Payal. The inspector arrests him. Ranbir says he can’t imagine doing this.

Prachi thinks of Ranbir and her moments. Inspector takes her away. Payal hugs her. Prachi says let’s go. Payal leaves. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and her moments.

Payal says she doesn’t want to talk to you. Ranbir says he wants to speak with Prachi. Prachi’s pallu gets stuck.

Prachi says don’t call me yaar, I am not your yaar. Inspector asks Prachi to come with them and asks her to bring Payal as well.

Priya returns home to see Ranbir being driven away by the police in the jeep. Payal apologizes to Prachi and says Ranbir wanted to speak with her.

When Pallavi and Dida return home, they find the hall messed up. Priya says she was going to clean it, so Pallavi and Dida run to the police station.

Ranbir tells the Constable that he is innocent and hasn’t done anything. He asks that if anyone complains about me, I will be arrested.

Constable asks him to go to the lock-up. Ranbir insists on making a phone call. Inspector says it will take time since his number is after two people. He is locked in the lock-up. Prachi watches.

Precap: Ranbir tells Prachi that he is also not dying to talk to her, and he asks her why you didn’t tell me when you were alive. Pallavi asks Inspector who filed this case against Ranbir. Inspector says she filed. Dida and Pallavi see Prachi coming. Pallavi says you are alive and got Ranbir arrested just as you returned.

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