Anupama 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

In Today’s episode Anuj tells Anupama that though life gives us many reasons to cry we are firm and find reasons to be happy.  Anuj asks her what she wishes for on her birthday.  Anupama says wishes are not to be shared.  He replies saying that if she can share with God then why not with her husband.  Anupama replies that she wants everything to be so good that they don’t need to ask anything from God.  Just then she sees a shooting star.  Anuj and Anupama both wish for Little Anu to be with them forever.  Anuj tells Anupama that her smile has given away what she wished for. Upon being asked he says he too wished for the same.

Maaya thinks she wished for a day and it will be over soon.

The Shah family are praying.  Samar is smiling and Kinjal asks her the reason.  Vanraj asks his mother if this is for Anupama. Leela replies saying you remember her birthday.  Hasmukh prays for Anupama’s happiness.  Leela says poor Anupama that Anuj betrayed her on her birthday.  Vanraj says that if Anupama has any sense she should not let Maaya stay in the house any longer.  Leela replies that she should remove Anuj too from the house.  Hasmukh asks her to keep quiet.   Kavya and Leela again get into an argument.  Samar says we can wish her without any ill feelings. Kinjal says Anupama is mature enough to handle things on her own. Kavya replies saying the problem is nobody can digest that Anupama can handle things on her own.  Kavya, Kinjal and Samar decide to go to Anupama’s house to celebrate her birthday.  Leela asks the Shah family not to go.

Anuj, Ankush and Barkha surprise Anupama and sing for her.  Little Anu gives her a birthday card and a doll.  She asks Anupama to hug the doll whenever she misses her.  Anuj and Anupama say Little Anu will never be missed as she will always be around them.  Anuj decides to take a family picture.  Maaya is silent and Barkha and Anuj keep looking at her doubting her intentions.

While they are all going to have breakfast Maaya stops them saying she has not yet wished her.  She hugs Anupama and wishes her saying she wishes no evil should befall her.  She then gets the Pooja thali and does the aarti for Anupama saying it’s the tradition to do the Aarti on birthdays. 

Samar visits Anupama. He makes a video call to the Shah family. Everyone wishes her. The Shah’s wanted to personally visit Anupama but Anupama informs them that they are going out today.  Hasmukh enquires if all is okay and Anupama assures him all is fine.  She says she wants to celebrate her birthday with only her family hence she is going out.

Anuj does not reveal what the birthday plans are.  They want to surprise Little Anu.  Ankush and Barkha decide to keep an eye on Maaya as they are not sure what she is up to.  Samar tells Dimple he wanted to tell Anupama about their decision but because of everyone around he did not say anything.  Samar and Dimple too doubt Maaya’s intentions. 

Kavya asks Vanraj if he is feeling bad because in spite of everything Anuj and Anupama are still happy.  She says its because Anuj and Anupama trust each other a lot.   Anirudh calls.  Kavya agrees to meet him and she gets ready to leave. 

Anuj, Anupama and Little reach the orphanage.  The kids are very happy.  Maaya is on a call planning something.

Precap: Maaya is thinking about why they could not celebrate the birthday at home.  Anuj, Anupam and Little Anu are playing at the beach.

When Anuj and Anupama reach home Maaya informs them that she could not get tickets for the evening flight hence she is leaving the next morning.  Anupama wonders if Maaya is going alone or is taking Little Anu with her.

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