Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode begins with Diya inquiring about the identity of the person she saw. Poorvi responds by accusing Diya of planting irrational thoughts in her mind, leading to her spotting the said person. Diya’s joy knows no bounds and she bursts into dance. Prachi arrives and questions Diya’s sudden change in behavior. Downplaying it, Diya brushes it off and asks if Prachi caught a glimpse of a falling star. Prachi confirms and discloses that she wished for Khushi and Poorvi’s father to be present with them. In turn, Diya reveals that she wished for clarity in her heart and mind. Prachi then suggests they have some milk before turning in for the night.

“Please keep your thoughts to yourself, Diya,” Poorvi states firmly before urging her to leave. Diya acknowledges that Poorvi has likely also encountered RV and shares the same emotions, but it’s important to accept it. She then departs, leaving Poorvi to contemplate about RV. Meanwhile, Ranbir gazes out the window and yearns for Prachi’s presence. He reminisces about all the joy they shared and how they faced challenges together. Confused, he wonders why Prachi couldn’t reciprocate his love as deeply as he did for her. Despite remarrying and rekindling their love, everything abruptly ended during their trip to the resort. Ranbir is still baffled by what occurred and can’t help but question why Prachi doesn’t love him. His thoughts are consumed by regret as he reflects on his actions and desperately tries to understand where things went wrong in their relationship.

He expresses that his heart is in great pain and there is no one to share it with. It feels heavy and he cannot bear it. Prachi shares her own heartache, saying she too feels heavy-hearted and believes that he must be feeling sad wherever he is. She urges him not to be sad, assuring him that his pain is reaching her heart. Yaara ve….Prachi acknowledges the hardship they have faced, being apart from each other, but assures him that he is always with her and she with him in their hearts, never to leave. She lovingly addresses him as “baklu” and closes her eyes.

While RV is sleeping, he recalls having flashbacks of sitting on the mandap when the police dragged him out. He roars and wakes up. His parents come there with Dada ji. His mother hugs him. Dada ji says again the same dream. His mother says it is all right. Dada ji asks him to forget about that inauspicious day. His mother asks him to call a doctor. RV’s father asks him to forget about it all.

Dada ji says that whatever you are today is a result of the past, and tells him he has everything and is not empty handed. You have all of your family members, he says. His past wasn’t good. He asks him to move on in life or else the present will become like his past. RV says I can handle myself if this much lecture is enough or should your mom call the doctor. Dada ji asks why he didn’t hug him. RV hugs him too.

It is Harleen’s mother who asks her husband to contact Doctor and tells him that this has happened three times. This started again on pandal night when the Ravan caught fire. He says he will speak to Doctor and asks her not to tell anyone, and that my son has God’s blessing and will not be harmed. He pacifies her while she holds him close.

Beena and Ashutosh arrive at Prachi’s home. Prachi offers them tea, which Beena declines. She instead mentions her intention to clarify any misunderstandings with Prachi. Poorvi then joins them and Ashutosh informs her that they need to go to a five-star hotel to book a room. Beena adds that it is for their first night. Ashutosh plans to take his new bike there. Beena compliments the fact that everyone is talking about how Ashutosh has found such a good sasural (in-laws). Diya’s absence is noticed by Diya, who explains that she went with Ashutosh to check out the room for their first night.

RV approaches his mother, who greets him with aarti and asks about his well-being. He reassures her that he is doing well. His father then chimes in, mentioning that he had a sleepless night due to worries, thanks to their beloved deity Mata rani. RV turns to Harleen and playfully asks if she was scared, but quickly assures her that he is safe with the protection of his family – his father, grandfather, and himself as the grandson of a tiger. He jokes around by throwing a pillow at his grandfather, who jokes back saying he is always vigilant even while sleeping. RV’s father proudly declares that they are all tigers in their own right – both father and son. Harleen playfully comments that RV has turned their house into a bird sanctuary with all the tiger talk going on.

According to Harman, you are also a tigress. Harleen administers medication to Dada ji and ends up stumbling. RV quickly catches her and checks if she is alright. In response, Harleen expresses gratitude for having RV by her side to support her. RV assures her that he will always be there for her, otherwise his father would take care of his mother. Harman affectionately refers to your mother as my beautiful wife and promises to take care of her. Dada ji becomes sentimental and praises God for blessing him with such a wonderful family. He then requests Harleen to prepare some food, but she jokingly states that he will only be served breakfast and not samosas. RV playfully suggests calling the doctor in case Dada ji craves samosas again, causing Dada ji to scold himself for mentioning them.

Yug arrives and brings samosas for Dada ji, while Dada ji cautions RV and Harman to keep it a secret from Harleen. Despite the warning, Harman cries out for Harleen, catching her attention. In a fit of frustration, Dada ji hurls the samosa box towards Harman and questions his actions. Defending himself, Harman claims that Harleen would not believe the truth even if it was in front of her. Angrily, Harleen glares at him. Dada ji then reminds them both that he is not one to act or speak ill about anyone, and urges Harleen to forgive her son as he is just a child. But in disbelief, Harman laments having such a deceitful father. Meanwhile, RV and Yug are thoroughly enjoying watching this family drama unfold.


Ashutosh tells Poorvi that it is their fault and that they are working here, but don’t know how to do the job. Ashutosh is standing with them and asks Ranbir to speak to her. Ashutosh does. Ranbir asks Poorvi, why she is marrying this guy, and if the marriage is against her will. Poorvi says no, I am marrying with my will. Ranbir asks if your choice is him. Poorvi looks on.


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