Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th Jan, 2023 Written Episode Update


Keerat Exposes Seerat and Santosh’s Evil Behavior

Jasleen watches as Santosh and Seerat take off in an auto. Angad, the perfectionist, has certainly made a good choice, lost in reverie imagining his beloved draped in diamonds. When Seerat returns home, she excitedly informs Ajit that she won a dance competition and Taiji proudly proclaims her to be the best. Upon seeing her prize, a diamond pendant, he inquires where it came from. Unfazed by his curiosity, Santosh interrupts demanding not to be questioned since Seerat is feeling tired. The latter enquires about the cost of the item. Ajit clarifies its value to be priceless given her victory. Not taking no for an answer, Santosh snubs him with a remark about how it must have cost something otherwise Seerat wouldn’t have gone there; she intends on getting her daughters married into rich families to silence the gossipers in their neighbourhood.

Angad requested his secretary to acquire the guest list and feeling shy sent her away. Seerat boasted about her dance victory and Ajit asked if she knew how to dance, making her nervous. Keerat proposed that she massage her and removed a pendant from Seerat’s neck, placing it on Sahiba’s instead. Seerat warned that if it wasn’t returned she would break Keerat’s bones. Sahiba eventually brought back the pendant which Seerat then pulled harshly, hurting the latter. Seeing this, Keerat told Ajit that despite protecting Seerat, Sahiba was humiliated instead of being thanked by her; leaving Ajit shocked as he enquired what her mother was doing.

Santosh applies ointment to Sahiba’s wound and, using her emotional blackmail, begins to humiliate Ajit. Seerat then launches into her own melodramatic performance. Santosh pretends to shower her daughters with affection and shows a mock-affection towards Sahiba and Keerat. Taiji notices one of Seerat’s earrings is missing, reminding them it was their grandmother’s last gift, which only provokes a more enthusiastic description from Seerat about her upcoming nuptials as the ‘most lavish wedding in India.’ Santosh offers up how it was their grandmother’s memory that she was upholding. Angad gazes at the bare earring and remembers his absent love.

Precap: Sahiba says she will go and check it all the way to Brar mansion. Santosh yells at her to let Seerat herself search for it. Sahiba reaches Brar mansion. Angad accuses Sahiba of returning to take revenge on his family and warns her that he will put her behind bars. Sahiba asks Seerat to speak.

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