Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Update

During the episode, Prachi bandages Ranbir’s hand. He says ouch. Prachi says it is hurting now, but will be fine soon. Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me that you came to Delhi. He asks if you missed me even once. Prachi goes emotional.

The Inspector plays the pen drive in the laptop and the Qaida group boss says he understands what is going on with them, this was destined to be happy. In his opinion, everything was preplanned, and he says that when it comes to it, my two Sherkhans will do a blast in their big hotel.

If you’re wondering why we’re doing this, he says it’s to increase terrorism and make people fearful of it.

Our government has taken enmity with whom by hanging our terrorist, he says. If you kill our one terrorist, we will kill your many. He tells Inspector that he doesn’t know what is going on here, and that your media is televising my video live and spreading terror among the public.

Aryan asks Pallavi if she spoke to Ranbir. Pallavi says no, God is with him. Inspector asks them to stop the broadcast and not spread the terror.

He asks Prachi why she did not inform him that she had come to Delhi, or at least that she was alive. Prachi says she just does not wish to inform him. He says he understands that you were stressed and angry, I was angry too. Perhaps you thought that I would react angrily to what you said, rather than emotionally.

Prachi asks you if you still think anything that happened to Panchi is due to you. She says who brought the police there, you had come. Ranbir says I came there to save you. FB shows Aaliya welcoming Ranbir, the goons announcing that he brought police, and Aaliya slipping and causing the baby to fall into the river.

Then he tells her that he didn’t bring the police there, and asks her not to blame him. He asks if you had simply said once, then we would have gone together and saved her, but this all happened…

You meant to say that you still hold me responsible for whatever happened with Panchi. Prachi says that’s why I didn’t want to tell you or meet you. Ranbir Kohli says even he isn’t dying to meet you.

She says don’t call me by that name. He says he will call her whatever he wants. Prachi says let’s talk. Ranbir says he doesn’t want to talk to you, he says he already has someone with whom he can speak. Prachi says I heard the announcement, you’re marrying Singhania’s daughter.

Prachi cries. Tu thodi der plays….Ranbir hears her crying and comes back. He holds her hand and wipes her tears. She brushes his hands off her shoulder and leaves.

The Inspector tells the constables that they have two options, one is to wait for the other team to come and the other is to go inside and save people. He says even if we save one person, we will still be respected.

It is possible that anything can happen if we go in, they have planted the bomb. Inspector asks if we should be afraid of them. He asks if we should let them die, for our own good. He asks if we have worn this uniform to catch some people and put them in prison.

He says if we get scared, then what will happen to innocent people? He says we know about the attack and we came with all the arrangements. One thing is famous for people officers, with you, for you always, we must prove our bravery and duty today, if we can save even 1 person, then we have done our job.

He says our other team is coming, we have to handle it for a while, then we won’t let these terrorists go from here alive. It is his decision to go alone if you do not want to go, and he asks them if they would rather stand here like cowards or fight with them as braves. As the other Inspector and the Constables tell him they are ready, all of them rush inside the hotel.

Qaida’s boss informs the terrorists that the police are entering the hotel through the front door and tells them to kill everyone.

Ganesh helps the Inspector and asks him to come with him, as the terrorist who is with Boss tells him that Media is helping them unknowingly by showing what is going on outside.

Vikram asks Aryan if he got Dida’s call. Aryan says yes, but…Just then they see Dida standing in front of them.

Khushi asks the doctor if she feels scared. She responds that she asked fear to leave. The doctor asks who will ask these terrorists to leave so that we can go home. Khushi asks why they are bad, since we haven’t dealt with them.

The doctor says it’s some of our karma and other things. Ranbir knocks on the door. Khushi says, Ranbir Kapoor. The doctor stops her, and tells her what he’s going to do here, possibly shooting, or having lunch with Alia and hearing about us. Rather than Alia’s Ranbir Kapoor, Khushi says he’s my Ranbir Kapoor, who’s cute and brave.

The doctor hides inside a room, and Khushi opens the door. She tells him not to be afraid and says if there had been a bad uncle, he would have broken the door. Ranbir lifts her and says, “My daughter, my little partner, I thought you’d be scared, but you’re happy.”

I prayed to God for you and wait for you too. Ranbir asks if someone was waiting for me. Khushi says I love you a lot and will wait for you too.

Dida asks who I am, and what you thought of me, but I am still alive. Vikram asks what you are saying. Dida scolds them for not telling her about Ranbir. Vikram replies I asked Pallavi and Aryan not to tell you about Ranbir.

Dida says she would be here if you had told me. Aryan asks how do you know? Dida says this news is everywhere on TV and in the news. She asks where Ranbir is? Vikram says he is still inside. Dida asks if you talked with him.

As the network is down, Pallavi told Dida she tried to go inside, but the police wouldn’t let her. Dida said if you had told me, I would have talked to the terrorist.

Dida loves Pallavi a lot, she says. Aryan tells Vikram he should have told her everything. Vikram gets upset.

She didn’t come here, Ranbir says she didn’t reach here, this girl is troublesome, and tells him that he will bring her. Doctor says go wherever you want, but I want to go home.

There are terrorists shooting outside and bombarding outside. Just then there is a bomb blast. Ranbir says I have to go and save some people, one is my friend and the other is my love.

The doctor says ok. Ranbir asks Khushi if she feels scared. Khushi says she asked it to leave.

She asks if you met my Maayi. Ranbir says yes, and she said I wasn’t taking care of you. Khushi apologizes and asks for forgiveness.

She didn’t know how much I love her, and Ranbir asks her to take care of herself, and he gets scared. They laugh. Ranbir says Khushi khush, and asks Doctor not to open the door under any circumstances.

He says the media have changed the angle of the cameras. The terrorist says that if they are playing games with us, the corridors are empty without any people.

The boss tells the terrorist that everything is fair in love and war, and tells him that plan B will be used. The terrorist says then the police will try to save their lives and plead and beg. The boss says I want to see how they beg.

According to the Inspector, the terrorists might see why the cameras are focusing on the walls because they are seeing why the cameras are focusing on them. Ganesh stopped them at the right time, and he says if we had not moved at the right time, our soldiers might have shot at them. He asks the media to show the footage of them entering the hotel late, so we are two steps ahead of them.

Dida asks Ganesh who he is. Ganesh says he is the bellboy. He says no, and says he can go inside and come outside. Inspector says you can be helpful. Ganesh says he heard that CCTV footage is being used to watch them.

Ganesh says they have delayed the news feed, and that CCTV footage can be cut by taking out the fuse from the fuse box, and then the light will go out. He asks if you are able to remove the fuse inside. Ganesh says yes, he can go in safely and take out the fuse, says he will help you.

When Kaya walks through the corridor, she wonders where Ranbir and Prachi are. She says you won’t gain anything by shooting me, so she offers him double the money he gets, and asks him to hand her a gun. The terrorist tells her to go up and bargain with God if she wants to buy him.

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