Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th March 2023 Update


Garry asks Seerat if she woke up. Seerat says she is still dreaming. Garry asks Seerat to freshen up. Seerat agrees and leaves.

Jasleen calls Garry and asks where he is. He says he is taking care of a factory fire.

Upon learning that Sahiba is Seerat’s sister, Jasleen tells Garry what happened. Garry realises his mistake and thinks that Seerat has made a fool of him. Garry cuts the line.

Gurleen asks Angad if they should do the following ritual. Angad says he doesn’t want to do the ritual with Sahiba, and he doesn’t want to stay in the same room with him.

The same is confirmed by Sahiba. Manveer says there are no rooms available for her to stay. Sahiba says she is from a middle-class family and she knows how to adjust. Angad says he will see how long she will stay here.

As Jabjyot and Akaal argue over him marrying Sahiba to Angad, Akaal admits to Jabjyot he wished to marry Sahiba to Angad. Jabjyot says this is the first time she disagrees with him. Akaal says he did not do this marriage under media pressure, but he knows that Sahiba is capable of becoming this house daughter-in-law. Akaal tells Jabjyot that she is going to agree with him soon.

Garry asks Seerat why she lied and betrayed her? Seerat asks Garry to stop talking to her in high tone and reminds Garry that he betrayed his own brother.

Seerat threatens Garry that she will tell Angad what he did. As Garry realizes that it is just a nightmare, Seerat asks him what he is thinking. Garry provides a reason. Seerat feels happy and leaves.

Jasleen calls Garry and carries on the conversation he left at the middle. Garry confirms that Seerat is Sahiba’s sister. Jasleen praises Seerat’s cunning and says whoever marries her will be a fool. Garry agrees.

Prabjyot sees this and comments on Sahiba to Veer and Gurleen. Veer defends Sahiba. Sukhdeep introduces herself to Sahiba as the main housekeeper for the Brar family. Sahiba asks Sukhdeep where she lives? Sukhdeep answers.

A man comes and asks Sahiba why she is learning all these things. Sahiba comments on Manveer. Manveer leaves. Sahiba learns from Sukhdeep that there is only a storeroom far away from Angad’s room. Sahiba decides to stay there.

After showing Sahiba the storeroom, Sukhdeep says she cannot stay here. Sahiba says she will manage and asks Sukhdeep for a few things to clean it.

Garry tells Seerat that he has to take his leave and leaves from there. Seerat learns that Sahiba became Angad’s wife. Seerat gets confused.

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