Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2023 Written Update

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Kairav says I have tea and breakfast for Akshara and Abhinav, we can go home together. Muskaan says no, I will go myself. He says I scolded her a lot yesterday. Abhimanyu and Abhinav recall their childhood. Despite not knowing whether it is the right time, Abhimanyu says, I’m ashamed of that day, I apologize, I won’t try to justify it. I was wrong, I can’t ask you to forgive me or forget it, I could not forgive myself, you can punish me, I accept it, I promise that I won’t do this again and Abhir’s treatment won’t suffer.

You are punishing yourself, so you need to forgive yourself. The day you do that, think I have also forgiven you, you are a doctor, you know a wound won’t heal if you keep checking it. He jokes. Abhimanyu smiles and says thank you. Akshara asks where Abhinav went, he didn’t sleep well. Abhinav admits he didn’t see the green cabbage.

Abhimanyu gives him a paper and says maybe this can help you. Abhinav checks and says grant, really, is it for us. Abhimanyu says yes. Abhinav says Abhir’s surgery will be done for free, why. Abhimanyu says we have a connection and I can provide you with that information. He says that if we receive the grant, all problems will be resolved, but why…

It wasn’t made for you today, Abhimanyu says, it’s a part of this hospital, I used to do operations for free because people did not have money, my father used to get angry and he came up with a way to give 12 free surgeries in a year, you don’t have any burdens on your heart, you’ll call me a good person. Abhinav agrees.

Akshara comes and looks on, praying. Abhimanyu says to submit Abhir’s medical reports, vaccination records, and birth certificate. Abhinav says okay. He sees Akshara. During his attempt to hire an auto rickshaw, Muskaan is approached by Kairav. Kairav says sit in the car, sorry, I spoke in anger. She asks who said I’m upset, I have to go to work, shall I go home with you? He says I’ll drop you off. She says thank you but I’ll leave. He holds her hand. She asks what you’re doing. She leaves.

As Akshara asks Abhir for the food, Abhir refuses. Abhinav says we need to prepare the file, we have to take a chance. Akshara goes. Roohi greets and hugs Akshara. Aarohi says she was determined to meet Abhir. He says he will be happy to see me. Akshara tells them to enter. Abhir is pleased. Aarohi says Roohi shouldn’t hug Abhir. Abhir says we can’t shake hands either. Roohi says we’ll shake hands with air. Abhinav says amazing kids. Roohi gives him a butterfly card. Roohi says pink, I’m a boy, you should have made a blue card.

Abhinav feeds Abhir. Abhir and Roohi argue. Abhinav thanks, Aarohi. Akshara thinks Abhimanyu is a doctor. He will understand when he sees the birth certificate.

Abhir says I’m older. Roohi says I’m older than you. Aarohi says Abhir is one year younger than Roohi, it doesn’t matter, there isn’t much difference. Abhinav says yes. The fight is to be ended. According to Akshara, if Abhimanyu knows this, he will snatch Abhir, and if I fight in court, Abhir will think I’m a liar, and how will we live without him?

Aarohi says we are with you, Abhimanyu is also with you. Abhimanyu asks if the file is ready. Akshara says yes. He promises to check it. She worries. He hears an announcement. He says sorry, I’ll give it to him for processing later. He leaves. She says he’ll see it; I don’t want to lose Abhir. Abhinav asks what happened, how are you doing. She says Abhir is fine, and he gets the discharge paperwork ready, so we will take Abhir home.

She asks why, we will keep him here, you know his condition, how can we take him home. He says Rohan signed the papers. She says Abhimanyu is his doctor, how can Rohan sign, is everything fine? He tells her. The nurse asks Abhinav about Abhir on Facebook. Abhir is playing with a boy when Abhinav gets him back to his room.

Abhir says I don’t want to sit in the room. He gets upset. Abhinav hugs him and tells him he can’t sit in the room and have medicines; he feels scared here, I don’t want to stay here, I want to go home. He then asks what you would do now. Akshara says he needs to stay here.

When a heart is weak, then how will he fight the illness? She says if he gets unwell and if we get late in getting him to the hospital. They argue. Abhimanyu watches.


Abhimanyu thinks it is Sharma in the twin babies’ case. Aarohi says we need you in the twin babies’ case. The doctor says I had seen a miracle case where one of the twins survived, and the patient was unaware of it.

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