Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2023 Written Update

In the beginning of the episode, Ranbir tells Prachi that he has always thought about her every moment in these 6 years. I fought with you and thought a lot about you, and was almost dead without you.

In spite of the fact that I don’t know that you are alive, you are obligated to see my face once, if you are dead or alive. He asks how can you look at yourself in the mirror and face yourself after betraying me.

Ranbir Kohli says if you wanted to leave, I wouldn’t have stopped you. Prachi says that’s why, Ranbir Kohli. She walks away. Ranbir asks her to stop.

Kaya is with the Singhania family. She says that she does not know where they are. Pari asks if they are your relatives. Kaya says that one is her friend and the other is her manager, and they are now both bothering her.

Sandy says he is Ranbir Kohli. Kaya says he is Mr Manager. Mr Singhania asks if you knew anything about him. Sandy replies that he is a rich businessman who owns Kohli Industries.

Singhania says Ranbir has helped us a lot and he shouldn’t have to work anywhere else as a manager any more. Kaya asks if that’s true. She says he is still on the ground after flying so high.

For now, he is working for me, Kaya says. Singhania asks did you know about me. Kaya says I know, but you don’t know.

In fact, she says he is very good and I am not calling him Manager because you might have many other things to discuss so why waste time on him.

She thinks about why I’m getting mad at him, why I’m fighting for him. He is an irritating, arrogant guy. Mr Singhania says he’ll offer him a good package.

Sandy says she is being rude and misbehaving. He says she is talking like mad, this is business. Pari says she is mad at Ranbir.

She thinks about Ranbir’s accusations. Ranbir asks her to answer. Prachi asks him to answer himself. He says he asks himself this question daily. Everyone used to think you were dead, but my heart knew you weren’t.

Prachi asks if he has a heart and what he wants to prove is that he missed her all these years and that his heart used to beat for her. Ranbir asks how can you say that you were gone when I needed you? He says I searched for you every day and asked people about you every day.

She tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. Ranbir asks where she’s going. She says don’t touch me. She reminds him of his words that she doesn’t deserve to be a mother, and is the worst.

You told her you were responsible for her birth and death, she claims. As you told her, go away from your life. You hate my face, and when you see my face, you see your daughter’s face and death, so you have a problem with me because my existence makes you feel your daughter’s loss.

She says you accused me for my daughter’s death, you cursed me in your house. She says I had gone to the river where my daughter fell down. She says she looked everywhere for her, but she couldn’t find her. She says I thought I would jump in the river, thinking she would get her daughter, but a truck hit her and she fell.

Someone saved her from death, and whoever saved me has done many favours for me, so I could not think of dying again. Ranbir asks who saved you? The terrorists shoot at them and Ranbir and Prachi bend down and the bullet goes above their heads. Ranbir and Prachi run. Prachi falls over.

A terrorist comes to Prachi. Ranbir asks him not to harm her. He jumps on him and starts beating him. The terrorist kicks him and then starts beating Ranbir. Prachi gets shocked. Ranbir beats the terrorist. He asks Prachi to give the gun back to him.

Prachi throws a gun at Ranbir, but the terrorist catches it and points a gun at him. As Ranbir asks Prachi to run, she says no and asks the terrorist not to shoot him. Ranbir is about to be shot by the terrorist, but the bullets are empty. The terrorist is about to shoot Prachi, but Ranbir saves her and gets shot by him. They run again.

Commissioner tells Inspector that they can’t do anything and that he will go to the Minister’s house and take a decision. Inspector asks to go inside and tells Commissioner that he won’t let the terrorists leave.

He says ok and asks him to follow protocol. The Inspector says they won’t leave the terrorists and are going inside. Vikram receives Dida’s call.

He asks him to pick up a pendrive from his car and stop the Inspector from going inside. The reporter stops the Inspector and gives him the pendrive, and he hears a terrorist call.

According to the terrorist, the reporter has saved many lives, by stopping the inspector. He asks someone to bring the laptop to play the video on his channel.

The two come to the generator room. Ranbir asks why we came here. Prachi searches for the first aid box and is about to clean his injury. Ranbir says, “Don’t worry about me.”

She cleans Ranbir’s wound. Ranbir feels pain, and says he would rather die. Prachi looks angry at him. She says it is a medicine, bear for a while, become accustomed to it.

He says you are doing this intentionally. She says yes, you are still delicate. He says you’re still stone-hearted. As she applies the ointment to his hand, she says you may feel burning, but you’ll be fine. Tu thodi der plays…Prachi asks herself to control her emotions.

Prachi says what is the use, who made me go far from you, and hurt me. Ranbir thinks you should have returned to vent out your anger at least.

In Prachi’s opinion, you said that you hated me. Ranbir thinks that you accepted it, can’t I get angry because I had lost my daughter too. In Prachi’s opinion, I had also lost my daughter and was in pain as well.

Prachi says you still think whatever happened with Panchi is because of me. She says you brought the police there, so you are responsible. Khushi says she was waiting for him. Ranbir says he didn’t know.

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